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Adoption Success Stories

Adam and Kristin

We have chosen to adopt our next child because we feel that God has purposefully given us this path. We believe He has perfectly chosen the baby that will be our next child, and we believe that if it is the one you are carrying right now, He will bring us together. Our family and friends join us in our excitement and our prayers. May you know peace as you make this decision and comfort as you choose what is best for this sweet child.

Brian and Ashley

Hi, we are Ashley and Brian. We both respect the unselfish and courageous decision you have made and promise you that the life you have given this child will be filled with tremendous love, nurturing, respect, and encouragement. We will offer this child a wonderful and safe home, an excellent education, strong values, and most importantly, all of the love in our hearts.

Nathan and Jennifer

We look forward to helping you through this difficult time in your life in whatever capacity you choose.  We have a lot of love and many blessings we hope to share.  It is our hope to form a sincere and supportive friendship with you during your pregnancy that will transform through the years into an ongoing and involved relationship focused on creating a life full of joy and promise for your child. Of course, we will respect your wishes regarding ongoing contact.

Keith and Erly

Our immediate concerns are with you and we pray that you are in good health.  We cannot imagine the recent decisions and emotional experiences you have faced over the past several months and hope that you are in the comfort of others during this difficult time.  We cannot express our joy and gratitude to you for considering us as parents and guardians of the precious gift that you bear.

Douglas and Irma

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family.  We respect your decision in choosing adoption and assure that your child will know your decision was one of courage and love.  We are overjoyed with the possibility of welcoming your child into our loving family and promise a secure and happy home filled with warmth, laughter, family traditions and unconditional love.

Jeff and Susan

Life does not always go according to plan, but things do happen for a reason. Neither of our lives is going according to plan, but maybe we can help each other. We are unable to conceive but being parents and raising a family is the most important thing to us. We are honored that you are taking the time to read this and possibly consider us to be those special parents. We wish you peace and comfort in knowing that you are doing a wonderful and selfless thing by considering adoption.

Brian and Kate

We live in northeast Georgia. It is very pretty in the fall and winter, hot in summer and we never seem to get a spring. I, Brian, am 43 and my wife, Kathleen is 32. We both work in the medical field and met in med school. We both LOVE our families very much and are very active.

Rainer and Glady

First and foremost, Rainer and I would like to let you know we applaud you for your courage in making the greatest decision you will probably ever have to make. Through your strength and sacrifice, you will be totally changing not only your baby’s life, but also, some lucky couple’s life, forever. Rainer and I are so thankful for the opportunity to be able to hope for the greatest gift we could ever receive. Should you choose us to be your baby’s adoptive parents, it will indeed be a miracle, a dream come true.

Brian and Janet

When we were married twelve years ago, we looked forward to having at least two children. After struggling through many years of unsuccessful infertility treatment, we are now looking to fulfill that promise through adoption. The miracle of having children is the one piece that is missing from our lives. We know this is a difficult decision for you, but we want you to know that if we adopt your child, he or she will grow up in a loving stable, fun-filled home.


Alex and Patricia

Wow! How do you write a letter to someone you have never known or met? We can’t imagine what is going through your mind right now, reading letters, and trying to decide who is going to parent your child. This is such a big decision. Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about us with you.

Robert and Nova

What an amazing woman you must be to choose the gift of life for your baby and to consider us to love and care for your miracle. You have the opportunity to make us the happiest couple in the world and to give your baby the opportunity of unconditional love and support. Our family will be complete when we welcome a child into our lives and it is courageous women like you that will make this dream come true!

Mark and Anne

We feel that there are so many children who need a loving home and we prefer to adopt rather than go through fertility treatments. We have a secure and happy family life. We laugh a lot and there’s never a dull moment in our house. It is our heartfelt desire to provide your child with a fun, loving, and supportive home in which to expand his imagination and dreams, while providing the opportunities to live life to the fullest.

Adam and Donna

We are fortunate to live in Northern Virginia close to mountains, meadows, and beaches, where we can share the beauty and wonder of nature with our children.  One of the most rewarding experiences as a parent is witnessing the awe in a child’s face when he experiences the simply joys in nature for the first time like catching snowflakes with their tongue during the first snowfall in the mountains or building their first sand castle at the beach and watching it get washed away by the ocean waves. We have enjoyed these things with Dillon and Colleen and look forward to sharing similar adventures with our new child.

David and Angela

Our names are Angela & Dave.☺ We met over six years ago, fell completely in love, and were married in early 2010. We view adoption as a very sacred exchange. It is not done lightly on either side. We are excited to become parents through adoption. We are ready to dedicate our lives to your child. Although we cannot imagine how tough this is for you, know that we are committed to raising your child with love and kindness. Thank you for considering our family.

Richard and Andrea

Richie’s older sister was adopted and this is the best gift his family has ever received. It brings great joy to us all when we hear his parents recall the story of when she came into their lives. We hope that we can soon tell our own story of the miracle of adoption.

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