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Adoption Success Stories

Dan and Julie

You are an amazing woman! By making the courageous choice of adoption you are selflessly giving life to a child and to a loving couple who are unable to have a child without you. Thank you for being you: a loving, compassionate and courageously generous woman. We believe you are allowing God to work miracles through you to create a family in a very special way and we are confident that you will know when you meet the right adoptive parents for your child.

Stewart and Christina

Thank you for considering us as prospective parents for your child. We admire you so much for the choice you have made. The love and concern you are showing for your child has the generous result of making our dreams of having a family a reality and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Jared and Kimberly

Adoption is not easy….. we know. To consider this option takes great selflessness and courage to face the hardest decision you will ever have to make. We also know that you would do anything to give your baby the best this world has to offer and that is why you have chosen adoption. You are probably finding that there are so many deserving couples like us out there, and we hope you will find our letter a steppingstone to getting to know us better.

Scott and Robyn

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our letter. We are Scott and Robyn. Our intent through writing this letter is that you learn a little more about us, what kind of people we are, our hopes, our dreams, the things we value in life, and most importantly, the love we have in our hearts for a future child of our own. Compassion is just one word we feel toward you as you face this most courageous and selfless decision. We admire and respect you for choosing the miracle of life. You are, undoubtedly, one of the most compassionate people we will ever meet.

David and Julie

In the evenings, we like to play with our two dogs, Gunny and Zoey.  We also enjoy making dinner together since we both love to cook.  During the summer, we cook out on the grill or make a campfire to cook pizza pies or s’mores.  When it is hot out, we enjoy our pool with family and friends.  On weekends whether they are long or not, if we can get away, we try to visit my sister’s family, go to our friend’s cabin at a lake or go camping.  We love to stay active but also enjoy a relaxing day spent with family and friends.  When we want to enjoy the indoors, we keep ourselves occupied with TV, board games or cards. 

Peter and Heather

We can only imagine the difficulty of what you are going through. You are clearly a very special and kind person to choose to give life to your child and find a loving home for him or her. We can promise you that he or she will be absolutely adored and surrounded by love. We hope to raise a kind and happy child. If you choose to entrust us with that responsibility, we will be deeply and forever grateful. Thank you for considering us.

Christopher and Michilia

Both of us have achieved a lot because of strong work-ethics and solid values.  Kyla finished college and medical school in six years and was able to finish her residency by the age of 27.  All the while she has been a great family member and friend to many.  Chris played varsity lacrosse in college, his team winning national championships.  Since then he has earned two master’s degrees, along with several professional accreditations, all while working full-time.  He too makes sure that he always spends time with family and friends.  It is our desire to instill the same work-ethic and solid values in our child that has helped us in life. 

John and Patricia

John is a huge sports fan, and we regularly cheer on our favorite team at football and basketball games. We already have a little tee-shirt for your baby to wear at his/her first game! John is also an excellent cook. It would bring him immense pleasure to make kid-friendly meals for your baby. Patty would love to have a pair of little hands in the kitchen helping her bake cookies and cakes. She also can’t wait to take your little one to his/her first musical and read him/her fairytales. 

Kevin and Colleen

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Kevin and Colleen, and we are in awe of your courage and selflessness. We believe that creating a family is a miracle, however that family comes to be. And, while we have made a strong start on our family with just the two of us, you and your child are the blessing that will help our miracle continue.

Brian and Madeline

We feel led by God to this point in our lives, this point where we are writing a letter to you – you who are a stranger to us and yet are already someone so very dear to us – about the kind of life we can provide your baby, the precious life that is growing in your womb and in our hearts.

Matthew and Gina

We have always held a desire to bring children into our family, and since our courtship we discussed our hope someday to adopt children into our home. We have always believed that adoption is a wonderful approach to growing a family, and we are excited to be in the position to actively pursue this dream. We have a strong desire to be parents, to multiply the love, and fill our home with childhood wonder. We are equipped and excited to meet your child’s needs emotionally, financially, spiritually and intellectually.

Kristopher and Andrea

We want to thank you for making this courageous choice. This is one of the most important letters we will ever write, and we appreciate you taking time to read it and considering us as parents for your baby. We would love to get to know you better and show you what kind of parents we would be.

James and Karen

We are Karen and Jim, and we thank you for letting us share who we are with you.  We have longed to be parents and our hearts are open to adopting a precious baby who needs us as much as we desire her/him.  Our life together is built on a strong foundation of love, devotion, respect, friendship, and adventure. Together we have created a home life that nourishes and comforts us.  It is free of chaos and full of peace, and we want to share this life with the blessing of a child.

Todd and Mary

We cannot fully appreciate the difficult decision you are now considering, this is the most courageous and unselfish decision a woman can make for her baby. Please be assured that we all want the same thing for your baby, a loving, supportive, healthy and safe home. We are honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We promise to thank God for this tremendous gift, which you are making possible.

Joseph and Jacqueline

Thank you for taking the time to read about our journey together thus far, and how we came to the decision to build our family through adoption. We admire and respect you for your choice of life for your child. There is no greater gift than a child! God bless you, and may He give you strength and courage as you choose the family for your child. Please know that we are thinking and praying for you as you make the decisions that lie ahead.

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