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Adoption Success Stories

Kenneth and Stephanie

Our first thought as we write this letter is how grateful we are to you and women like you who consider adoption for their babies. We know it can be a difficult and challenging road but your thoughtfulness and sacrifice will truly bless your baby, his or her adoptive parents and more people than you can imagine. We are able to say this with confidence because we have experienced the benefits of adoption first-hand. In 2006, we were blessed by a loving birthmother who selected us to be the adoptive parents of our son James. Her caring heart, bravery and determination to give her baby a good life left us deeply humbled and forever grateful to her for making our dream of becoming parents a reality.

Daniel and Young

We are grateful for your loving, selfless decision to bring your child into the world and for sharing your gift through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. After much patience and prayer, we believe that God has a plan for us to build our family through adoption, and we are excited about this new hope. We are blessed that our paths have brought us to each other and we would be honored to lovingly welcome your child into our family.

Jason and Cristin

We have no idea how to thank someone for giving the gift of parenthood. A simple thank you seems so inadequate. Having children in our lives is so important to us. We have struggled for many years trying to conceive with no success, and are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to adopt a child.

Gregory and Jami

We hope you have had a chance to review our profile and know that we will provide a safe, supportive and above all, loving home for your child. We are so excited to welcome them into our family. Please know, we are not only welcoming your baby, but we are welcoming you as well.

Daryl and Dawn

Hi, our names are Daryl and Dawn and we are excited about having a child in our family. We are grateful for your courage and commitment to considering an adoption. We know you have a lot of decisions to make and we respect the time that you are taking to make them. Our home is filled with love and support and we can’t wait to welcome a new baby into it. We appreciate your considering us to be the parents of your child.

Jonathan and Danielle

Danielle and I met nearly five years ago and almost instantaneously, we knew that we were meant to be together.  The core values that we have held dear since the beginning of our relationship include our faith in God, a love for travel and new adventures, an understanding of the importance of education, and the strong desire to be loving parents.  We enjoy each other’s company and making each other laugh (or at least Danielle pretends to laugh at my jokes!).

David and Kelly

We look forward to the day we have a child of our own to nurture and love, and to teach and guide, as they grow through life. A child in our home would be raised to love God and others, and to take comfort in the knowledge that their birthmother loved them enough to see that they had the best life possible. Thank you again for considering us as the family for your child. We pray that you are comforted during this time in your life. We are so pleased to experience the gift of adoption as we take this journey of growing our family. 

Lawrence and Angela


John and Jodi

Our family is a very big part of our lives. John is from the town we live in, and he has 3 sisters, 1 brother and 6 nephews. Jodi is from New York and is the eldest of three daughters. She has 3 nieces and 2 nephews and another on the way! Holidays and many weekends are spent with family and friends who are very supportive and excited about our decision to adopt. What is more important to us is a happy, healthy family, and that our child will be loved and cherished and we will share everything that we have to give.

Edward and Jennifer

It is with great love, respect and thankfulness that we write this letter to you.  The love you hold for your unborn child, while making such a self-sacrificing decision to change the future of others who would never have had the opportunity to be parents, is overwhelming.  May you find comfort in knowing that your child will be showered with love, shown the world, and have a future filled with dreams and opportunities.

Michael and Carman


Daniel and Abigail

We are Daniel and Abbi and we would love to tell you a bit about us and our lives. We met in 2004 through the website eHarmony – (it works)! We dated for about a year before getting engaged on Halloween night. We continued our engagement for a year before getting married on New Year’s Eve. As you can see, we do things our own fun and exciting way. We talked about many things while dating, including adopted children, which we both knew we wanted, whether biological children existed or not. Little did we know, the future would hold unexplained infertility issues for us; making the decision to grow our family through adoption, an easy one.  

Andrew and Abigail

We are so excited to expand our family and help build new loving bonds that will help our children through all the ups and downs of life.  We will always strive to raise our children as we were raised, with love, patience and forgiveness.  We will instill good values, so our children know how to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion.  We hope to show our children how to have a good sense of humor, be light-hearted and truly appreciate life.

Todd and Lisa

The difficult decision you’re considering enables us to love and welcome another child as well as to grow our family. We had a good relationship with our first birthmother and valued learning about her. We know God has planned the perfect match for us all, and this gives us hope in continuing to expand our family. We thank you for considering us to provide a supportive and loving home for your child. Our prayers are with you as you make this decision.

Scott and Michele

We are thankful that you are taking the time to read about our lives. Although our lives are somewhat different than your own, we all share the common dream of making a child’s life fulfilling. Scott and I decided that we loved children, and parenting a child would be very rewarding!

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