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Adoption Success Stories

Mark and Jane

We realize that you are going through a very difficult time, and we cannot begin to tell how much we admire you for the love you are giving to your baby throughout this pregnancy. Choosing to make an adoption plan for your baby is one of the most loving and selfless decisions that anyone can make. If, after consideration, you feel that we are the family for your child we can assure you that you have chosen well. We will love your child without reservations and give them a world without boundaries.

Bryan and Maria

We send you our love and prayers as you face making the choice of which family to bless with such an extraordinary act of love and courage because you love your child.

James and Sheri

Hello! Welcome to our Family! All your decisions require much thought. May God provide you with wisdom, strength and the peace only He can give. We honor and respect you for loving your baby and yourself enough to make a decision that will change all of our lives. You will be blessed with a lifetime of pride knowing you have done your best. Thank you!

Michael and Anne

We cannot imagine all of the emotions you may be feeling right now! We know that the decision must be very difficult but we hope that knowing your child will be raised by loving, caring individuals will help make it a little easier. We cannot tell you how much we are looking forward to holding, playing and just watching your child as they grow.  We know we are ready to love and care for your baby and we cannot wait for that chance. Thank you so much for reading our letter.

Mark and Brenda

Mark and I have dreamed of having children even before we got married.  We both have imagined taking our children to birthday parties, sitting on sandy beaches building sandcastles, taking them on fun family vacations filled with laughter and memories.   We look forward to bringing them to visit our close knit family to play with our beloved nephews.  Mark and I both share strong bonds with our families and they are extremely excited to welcome our baby, who will be our first child, to the family. 

Bryan and Elizabeth

We live in beautiful Montana where the air is clean, the mountains soar, and people are friendly and active in the communities. It is the perfect place to raise children. There is almost no violent crime. Our small communities are filled with children that excel in sports and most of them go on to graduate from college.

Jay and Kym

Let us start off by thanking you for taking the time to read our letter. We also commend you for the sacrifice you are about to make. We can’t imagine how difficult this decision must be for you, however, we both know the benefits of the decision your about to make. My wife Kym and I were both adopted. We both share a very special bond and understand the sacrifice and love demonstrated by both of our biological mothers. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you make this selfless decision. We wish the best for you.

Mark and Suzanne

Thank you for giving life!

Please know that without you, the greatest miracle of all would not be possible – the miracle of life. It is such a blessing that you are loving and caring enough to share that miracle with a couple that cannot have children. Thank you for being so brave and giving so unselfishly.

Benjamin and Tracie

We want to thank you for choosing life for your baby. Your love is clearly boundless. We know this must be a difficult and painful decision. Please know that if you choose us to parent your baby, he or she will be raised in a home and family full of love and unconditional nurturing. Your gift and your love will always be respected and will be shared according to your wishes.

Eric and Anida

We wish to thank you for not only taking the time to review our profile but also for choosing adoption. We hope that you find us worthy of the responsibility to raise your child. Please know that our greatest desire is to make you proud, happy and at peace with your choice of adoption. We will help your child to attain their dreams, and will nurture any God-given talents or interests they have. You can be assured that your baby will be surrounded with love and opportunity in our home.

Kelan and Kate

We recognize that what the most joyful day of our lives might be the very hardest of yours and our hearts ache for you. We look forward to the rewarding experience of parenthood, and hope that you will get a glimpse into our lives and the loving life we can provide your child.

Gregg and Natalie

Hi – our names are Natalie and Gregg and we want to thank you for reading our letter. You’re looking for a wonderful home for your baby, and we’re looking to open our home and family to a new life. We married in 1993 and have shared and overcome challenges (like infertility) and continue to nurture a lasting love of each other. We respect you and the adoption plan you’re considering. As you read more about us, please consider allowing us to welcome the child you are carrying into our lives. 

Michael and Cathryn

We live the very simple life; we value each other and our family and friends. There is no greater gift on earth than holding a child for the first time and seeing their first steps, first words, first of many things, and we can’t wait to share all your child’s milestones.

Michael and Ja’Ree

It feels like “thank you” cannot scratch the surface for this incredibly huge decision you are making. Though we have yet to meet, we are in admiration of your compassion and courage. The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. We promise that your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated. He/she will be surrounded by family, friends and a community who will always encourage and love him/her unconditionally. Most importantly, we will always let your baby know that you are an incredible woman who placed his/her needs above those of your own.


Larry and Marcie

One of our favorite places to spend time is in our back yard (also known as our garden of Eden).  We can imagine your precious gift to us playing in the yard, running through sprinklers, making forts or playing on a swing set.  We look forward to those dreams becoming a reality. 

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