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Jon and Kristi

After marrying, there was never a day that I didn’t dream about being a mom. Even the smell of Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion and powder would cause me to think of nothing else. On April 23, 2009 my dream of being a mom came true. Our daughter Sophia was born. I will never forget my feelings when her birthmom placed her in my arms and said, “Take care of our little girl.” While our experience with Sophia has been as wonderful as I had always imagined it would be, both Jon and I long to experience adoption again. We look forward to holding our second child in our arms, and providing them with the same love, support and attention.

Jason and Jennifer

As you go through the process of finding an adoptive family for your baby, we hope that our letter sticks out in your mind. We wish nothing but the best for you and your baby. Please know that whoever you chose or whatever you decide to do, you are doing the right thing. As parents of a young child, we still remember the overwhelming need to protect the child growing within and wanting to do whatever was best for our baby. You are an amazing mother and an extremely strong human being.

Andrew and Lindsey

Thirty-three years ago my birthmother was sitting in your position about to make the most important decision of her life. I am so grateful to her for the sacrifice she made because I have led a blessed life with my adopted parents and sister. I can’t wait to share the same experience with my own family and you. Adoption has been a tremendously positive experience for me and I can’t wait to experience it from the other side of being a parent in the process.

Gregory and Cynthia

As we start this letter, we are sitting in our cozy basement watching Monsters, Inc. with our adopted child Alex, who was born in February of 2007. And as we watch him giggle and eat popcorn, and ask us questions about the “friendly monsters”, we dream of giving him a brother or sister to share these times with, as well as so many others.

Richard and Stephanie

Our names are Stephanie and Rick.  We have been married since 2008, and we have wanted to start a family from the very beginning.  While that journey has taken much longer then we had dreamed, we have so much hope now that our family can begin through adoption.  Stephanie’s dad was adopted, and we have always been grateful to his birth mom for making that loving decision.

Shane and Jennifer

Having adopted once before, we’ve come to a deeper understanding of the journey that the birth mom and the adoptive parents go through. We won’t pretend to know everything about how you must feel during this process, but know that we have so much respect and admiration for you. We value the bond of trust that we formed with our son’s birth mom, and we look forward to growing that same kind of relationship with you.

Greg and Rebecca

We are unable to have children naturally, but even before we were married we talked about adopting.  We know God has chosen us to be adoptive parents.  We feel our hopes and dreams for your baby are the same as yours.  We all want our children to be happy and healthy and to grow up confident and strong.  We want our children to grow up with many positive experiences and get great educations so that they can have happy families of their own.

Mike and Wanda

Thank you so much for giving life and taking time to get to know our family. Mike, Megan and I hope that after you read this letter you will see we can provide a happy, loving and well-balanced home. We admire your courage and love as you make your decision. We are eager to open our hearts and home to a child and we hope you will choose our family. May God guide you as you make this most important and difficult decision.

James and Joan

First, we would like to say that we realize that there are so many emotions that you must be experiencing during your pregnancy.  We believe that it takes the utmost courage, strength, and most important-love for any individual to bless a child with the gift of life.  We thank you for allowing others like us, the chance to make their dreams of building a family come true. 

Sergio and Rosalinda

Mathew Rudas

Michael and Yvonne

Wow!! Where do we even begin in writing this letter to one of the most important people to ever cross our lives! We are Michael and Yvonne. First and foremost we want to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn about our family. Most importantly, thank you for considering our family for one of the most selfless gifts you could ever give. We are certain that with this glimpse into our family life, you will see that we will give all of our heart and soul to your child. We hope that you can feel connected with our family in the following story of us.

Kevin and Wendy

Someone once said, “True love is caring more about another’s needs than your own”. Your actions as a birth mother exemplify those words. In choosing adoption, you are giving your child, and a prospective adoptive family an incredible gift. As sincerely as we possibly can, please allow us to thank you for making that choice. If you entrust us with the care of your child, please know that we will love and cherish him/her all the days of their lives.

Kenneth and Tammy

This letter is a window into our lives and the values that we cherish. Before we open this window, we want to commend you for your courageous and unselfish decision to place your baby with a devoted and loving family. We know that this is a difficult time for you and hope that we can ease your concerns regarding your baby’s future.

Ryan and Kelley

We have been brought together through difficult yet different journeys. I cannot begin to understand how challenging your decision must have been. But I hope you will feel reassured in the knowledge that we understand firsthand that adoption is an amazing gift of love. After eight painful years of struggling with infertility, our prayers were finally answered by a courageous and selfless woman who, like you, wanted the best for her unborn child.

David and Anna

We cannot possibly even begin to understand the difficulty you must be experiencing in the decision you are attempting to make. What we do understand is that we are grateful that you are looking at adoption and possibly placing your child with a loving and supportive family such as ours.

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