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Adoption Success Stories

David and Natalie

It is with enormous respect and gratitude that we sit down to write this letter to you.

Kevin and Leyla

Our names are Kevin and Leyla. We are so excited to be writing this letter to you. We did not know that we would be in this position, and our words cannot express the many emotions we feel now that we are finally here. Our paths were meant to cross long before either of us knew it, and we are in awe of you and your strength in making this choice. We have thought of many things to say to you that would show you how grateful we are for your existence, and it is not enough to just put words on paper. Let us tell you our story…

Kevin and Carrol

We plan and prepare and then life happens. It is through life’s twists and turns that we now find ourselves at this very spot, and we are grateful that you have found our letter. We have been waiting for you and your precious baby.

Phillip and Melissa

Our culture is so important to us.  The Cajun music is incredible and the food isn’t bad either.  I am a florist and have started my own business selling arrangements for all occasions.  Phillip travels occasionally for work.  We also travel for fun and love to see new places every year.  We would love to share these new experiences with a child.  Our faith is important to us; it’s our rock.  We attend a local Baptist church and play on the church’s volleyball team.  

Mark and Eileen

Thank you for the choice that you have made to bring a new life into this world, despite the insecurity and doubt we know you must be facing. We are Mark and Eileen, and as a result of our own struggle with infertility, we have gained an entirely new level of respect and awe for what you are able to do. However, we also understand how difficult a choice it is to make when you want so deeply to know your child will have everything he or she needs to grow, flourish, and become a person that you can truly be proud of. We hope that we can help you fulfill that dream.

Stuart and Gennifer

We are a fun-loving, easy-going couple with a genuine, affectionate, and committed appreciation for one another. Stuart and I met in college, and have been in love since the very beginning of our relationship. Although we are excited and anxious to share our love with a precious child ~ we want you to know we are sensitive to your feelings.

Tommy and Joanne

We would like to start this letter by saying how much we appreciate the love you have for your unborn baby. We know that choosing to place your child for adoption must be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make. We hope that after you find out more about us, you will give us the gift of being the parents to your baby.

James and Jennifer

Our promise to you is that your child would grow up surrounded by a lot of love – from us, three sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Your child would grow up in a stable home that fosters love, learning, compassion, and fun.  We want your child to be proud of being adopted – and proud of his/her birth mother for her noble act of love and vigor.

Greg and Christy

We pray that your life and ours will be filled with love and admiration for one another during this journey. This is truly the greatest gift that anyone could ever give to us. We believe God has a plan for everything in life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your decision to do what is best for you and your baby. Our hearts are open and ready to receive your child so we may provide him or her with love and happiness forever.

Bradley and Leah

We promise to honor your sacrifice by providing for your child with more love than we even know now to be possible.

Joseph and Toni

Please know that we have great respect and admiration for your decision to choose life for your baby and are amazed by the amount of unconditional love you have demonstrated in your decision to place your child with a loving adoptive family.  Through this letter, we hope to provide enough insight into our lives so that you could envision how happy your child will be in the loving and nurturing environment that our family can provide.  Regardless of whomever you select, may God bless you and your baby.  May he keep you safe and warm in his loving embrace.


David and Brandy

We do not want to sound like a broken record after you have read so many other adoptive couples’ letters, but we all share the same purpose, and that is to adopt a beautiful baby and complete our family. We realize that it is impossible to write our whole life story on one page, but we will give it our best to help you get to know us better.

Michael and Angela

Our names are Mike and Angie, and we just want to take a few minutes of your time to let you know a few things about us and our family.

Keith and Amy

Hello, we are Lindsay and Amy. Based on your decision to place your child for adoption, we know that you are a person who values and loves life; we do as well. We pray that God holds you, strengthens you and guides you as you choose the right parents for your baby.

Kavin and Delina

We are Kavin and Delina and we would like to acknowledge your courage and bravery for considering adoption. A mother who would consider the opportunity for another couple to raise her child is remarkable and selfless. We are grateful for the love that you have for your child.

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