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Richard and Abra

We appreciate and admire your courage and strength during what must be a difficult time for you. We hope it gives you comfort that we, along with many other loving couples, want very much to give your baby a wonderful loving home and a life full of hope and possibility. We are so grateful for the opportunity to become parents and will dedicate ourselves to providing our children a strong moral, loving, and educational foundation.

Jeffrey and Candace

Speaking of where we met, we are both Christians and met while in Seminary, where Jeff received his Master’s Degree in Divinity. He is now a full-time preacher and pastor. Dawn received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and Master’s Degree in Christian Education. Since the beginning of our dating relationship, we discussed the desire that we both had to become parents. So, when we committed to one another in marriage in 2004, one of our strongest dreams and desires was to begin a family!

David and Jill

Dave and I met in 2003 because a friend thought that we would be a good match and might enjoy each other’s company. So off on a blind date we went. We hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since. In 2007 we were married and became a family. To our marriage I brought two daughters, Nicole and Sophie. Although Dave loves the girls like he would his own, we knew before we married that we wanted to expand our family.

Jason and Heidi

We want to start by thanking you for your amazing courage and strength. Although we can’t begin to imagine all of the things that you are feeling, we know that you are an incredible, unselfish human being, and that you love your precious child. Again, we thank you for providing a loving couple with the miracle of a child.

William and Tracy

Without you our dream of welcoming a daughter into our home would not be possible, and so with much hopefulness we write you this letter from our hearts hoping you find the right connection as you plan the life you desire for your child…we hope that may be with us. Already blessed with a son it is our deep desire that our family include a daughter to love, watch grow and share our lives with.

Jeffrey and Patricia

Two years ago, we were truly blessed with the adoption of our son, Andrew. He is such a joy. Andrew loves to laugh and always has a smile on his face. Jeff and I both grew up in large families and we can’t think of anything more wonderful than the adoption of another child. We know that this is a big decision for you and we admire your strength and courage as you search for the right adoptive parents who will provide your child with the best future possible. It is our hope that we might play a part in your decision and at the same time, that you find peace and comfort knowing that your child would be growing up in a home surrounded by love.

Ryan and Anna

We can’t imagine what you must be going through and all the emotions you are feeling. It must be overwhelming and taken you a long time to decide to let your baby be adopted. We know you have not made this decision lightly, and respect and honor your bravery. What an extremely special person you must be. We have always wanted to have a family and have been praying a long time for God’s plan in our lives. We feel God has called us to adopt. For us, adoption is a very special gift, a blessing.

Patrick and Kristen

You are an extraordinary woman. Planning the future of your baby in someone else’s home is one of the most selfless and loving decisions a mother can make for her child. We realize this is perhaps the most difficult decision you have ever been faced with. Few words are adequate to describe the beauty of what you are about to do. We hope that by reading our profile, your courage, hope, trust and tremendous love for your baby will find their fulfillment in us.

Russell and Lora

We dream of having a child to grow up with a wonderful childhood like we both had, including days of family fun on the farm with Dad and Mom, exploring outside, camping trips with cousins, and spending the night with grandparents.  We hope to teach our child to enjoy life to the fullest but that they will have to work hard at times to be able to enjoy life’s riches.  They will be able to share many memories of Aunts, Uncles and cousins as our family is filled with many reunions and family gathering throughout the year.

Thomas and Cynthia

To us, the decision you are making today is not only the most selfless act you will probably ever make but to me you are our hero because for me all I have ever wanted is to be a mother and I can’t do that without you.  Only the most special person could make this decision and think about what is best for all parties; not only are you giving life to your baby, but you would be giving us the family we so strongly desire.  We promise to love and cherish the gift of your child, because we understand just what a miraculous gift this truly is.

Edward and Kathleen

We love your child so much already. We promise to love them, protect them, comfort them and help them to grow into the wonderful person that you would want them to become. Thank you so much for this selfless and wonderful gift of life that you are giving us. We could never thank you enough. But, we know that you will be blessed in so many ways throughout your life for your gift to us.

Adam and Stephanie

In making this courageous decision, you are showing a tremendous amount of love for your child.  Without you, Stephanie and I might not have the opportunity to share our love with a child of our own.  We are so excited and blessed to have the chance to be parents and will dedicate the rest of our lives to providing a life and family for your baby.

Martin and Sarah

You should know that we constantly think about you, even though we have never met. We think about how compassionate you must be to find a loving home for the child you carry. We don’t imagine that what you are going through is easy, but we admire the strength that you find every day. We wonder who you are and what you like to do. We wonder what makes you happy and what your life is like. You are making an extraordinary decision and chances are, you have just as many questions about us as well. You’d probably like to know what kind of people we are, what kind of parents we would be, and what kind of life we can provide for a child. Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves and the home we would give your baby—that is, if we are fortunate enough to be selected by you.


Christopher and Amy


Jaime and Lori

We are Jaime and Lori, and we are incredibly excited to be able to complete our family with the help of your selfless act. We are happy you are considering us and will work continuously to be worthy of such an amazing gift. We will welcome your child into our family and promise to enrich his or her life in every way possible.

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