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Adoption Success Stories

Scott and Tricia

Hi, we are Tricia and Scott. We have been married since 2003 and are currently the proud parents of our two year old son Jackson whom we adopted in 2009.  We live in sunny California with our two dogs, Cash and Sam, and one very mischievous cat named Bella.  We are very excited to add to our family, and Jackson would love to have a brother or sister. We can’t wait to share our loving family and home with another child.


Brian and Kelly

Hello and thank you for reading about us. We are grateful that you are considering adoption for your child. We admire your strength and courage during this emotional and difficult time.

Clyde and Tammy

It is our fondest dream to have another son or daughter with whom to share our loving family through the precious gift of the miracle you carry.  You will be in our hearts, our prayers and our family story that we share for a lifetime with our son or daughter by blessing us with the beautiful gift of your child.  God bless you always. 

Zeraa and Anita

We both believe that the most important part about raising a child is to give the child lots of love, security and stability. We will focus on building the child’s self-esteem and sense of responsibility. While we make more than enough money to afford children, we don’t think material things are what make a child happy. Nonetheless, we will make sure that your child has all the opportunities to pursue the life and career that he/she is interested in. We will not decide ahead of time what the child will be like or will do for work when he/she grows up.

Maryelizabeth and Kate

We know this is difficult, and we are all here for you. We are excited for the opportunity to grow our family, and be amazing parents to your child. We want to provide a loving, safe environment that will give your child the opportunity to grow and develop into a great person.

Jason and Paula

Our goal is to make sure we lead by example and teach our child how to be a kind, confident, loving person. We also want to make sure they are afforded every opportunity we can provide. You have our deepest gratitude for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


Mark and Kristin

We can’t begin to imagine the difficult decisions you are facing.  Please know we admire you so much for choosing life for your baby.  The gift you are giving your baby is selfless, brave and full of love.  It is also an amazing gift to an adoptive couple like us who cannot have children on our own.  We would be honored and thrilled to raise your child as our own.  We welcome a baby to love, nurture and cherish every day.

Marty and Melea

As we sit down to write this letter it is so hard to think of exactly what to say. There are so many things we want you to know. First of all we would like to introduce our family. We are Marty and Melea, and we have two boys, Chandler and Micah, ages 8 and 5. We have been very happily married for 10 years. You might ask why we are looking to adopt if we already have two children. We love our boys so much (we love them “to the sky and back” as we always tell them). They are the lights of our life and they are all boy! (The dirt, the bugs, etc.) We would love to expand our family to include a little girl, but after two very difficult pregnancies we do not feel able to risk trying for that little girl on our own. That is why we have come to you.

Braden and Tamara

We having been praying for this opportunity and there is not a day that passes where we do not do something to further prepare for the blessing we so dearly hope to receive.  God has guided and directed us every step of the way.  You are truly a blessing to us and we admire your selflessness and conviction.  We thank you for your desire to learn more about us and we pray for your safety, comfort and peace.

Stacy and Melonie

We understand that you are facing a very difficult decision and we hope that you will find the comfort and security that you need in our letter. We are Melonie and Stacy, we have known each other for over half of our lives and are anxiously awaiting the addition of a baby to our family. We met in 1990 and have been by each other’s side ever since. We both come from large families and always knew that we would add children to our lives, and we are so excited to be able to accomplish our dreams through adoption.

Todd and Carrieann

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. We both realize what a difficult, yet, courageous and selfless decision you are making. Both Todd and I would like you to know that we are very committed to each other and our marriage. We have been waiting a long time for a “baby miracle” to love unconditionally. Our hearts are filled with love to give and our arms are open to embrace, nurture and provide.

Michael and Amy

If you were to look around our home you would see toy trucks, cars, baseball hats, bikes, big wheels, and camouflage cloths. You would never see Barbie dolls, princess dresses, pig tails, or pink. What you would hear is “Daddy lets play cars.” or “Mommy can we go outside and play baseball?” never “Daddy will you have a tea party with me?” or “Mommy can we play dress up?” Clearly a girl is missing from our family.

Barton and Margit

Would you like your child to flourish amidst the wholesome goodness of a thriving organic farm? With two loving parents at home fulltime? What better place to cherish life than in the fresh open air and a greenhouse full of amazing flowers? What a healthy place to grow up! Imagine the delight of spending summer days running barefoot through soft grass, snacking on sun-warmed tomatoes, playing outdoors with dogs, climbing apple trees, chasing butterflies and fireflies, or even riding a pony.

Brian and Patricia

It is a pleasure to meet someone such as yourself that has the courage and fortitude to allow another family to raise your child in the hopes that your child will have a better life. We believe what you are doing to be an incredibly beautiful and loving thing that takes strength of character and conviction. It is our hope that you will come to feel we are the right family to make your hopes for your baby come true.

Philipp and Veronica

We are Phil and Veronica from California. We are so excited and honored that you are taking the time to read about our story. Finding adoptive parents for your baby is an act of love that takes strength and courage. We hope our letter touches your heart in some way.

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