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Kip and Barabara

Hi! We are Kip and Barbara. We can only imagine what you are feeling right now and how difficult this decision is for you. Thank you for considering us as parents for your child.

Tony and Jocelyn

Thank you for taking a moment to read our letter. We cannot imagine the emotions you must be experiencing at this time, and we admire your wisdom, courage and strength of spirit to make this choice for your baby. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves to help make you a little more comfortable with your decision should you choose to bless us with this most precious gift.

Dale & Sheila

We have been married for almost 15 years, but have known each other our entire lives. Our grandparents were friends and grew up together, and our parents went to school together. We also attended the same High School where we were friends and dated until he joined the Navy immediately after graduation.

Corrado and Marusia

We do not have enough words to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing the path of adoption for your baby, and giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream of becoming parents. Only God knows what a brave, unselfish, and loving decision you are making. It only can reflect your kindness and beautiful heart. You are in our daily prayers, we ask God to give you peace and calm in your heart.


Chad and Allison

We want to thank you for your selflessness and we greatly admire your decision. Thank you for learning a little about us and our life. It is not yet complete without a child, and we thank you for considering us. We look forward to welcoming one of God’s children into our home and will pray for both you and your baby.

James and Cheri

Jacob Russell 7 lbs 10 oz

Joe and Melissa

Life throws people curveballs every once in a while and how you go about catching them and moving forward is how you show your true strength and character.  Most people only think of themselves in major life decisions.  We are so appreciative that you have thought of your child and are considering us as the adoptive parents to love and cherish the truly amazing person that we know your child will become.

William and Becky

Words cannot express our gratitude and amazement of your courage and strength during this time in your life. We are eternally thankful and humbled that you have chosen to provide a couple with something that nature could not, a child of their own. We truly believe that this is how God intended us to have a child, to have our family completed. You are the link, you are our hero.

Blair and Kathleen

When we think about the type of parenting we will provide, we often think back to our own childhood, as well as to the parenting styles of our brothers and sisters.  We admire the strength in holding true to raising kind, curious and happy individuals.  We want to provide a loving and stable environment and support our child in his or her dreams. We want to help instill a strong sense of self in an ever-changing world. And we want our child to know just how much their birthmother loves them.

William and Shirley

We can only imagine how tough this process is for you and since we have a child of our own, we can relate to the emotions and love it takes to carry a child as you have done. It takes a strong, giving and loving heart to put your baby’s future first. We understand you must be very selective in choosing a family who will nurture and love him/her as you would want. We would consider it a true blessing to take on that responsibility and provide a bright future for a new addition to our family.

Angelo and Donna

We have a picture on our wall that says FAITH makes all things possible…not easy. The decision you are making is not an easy one, it is difficult, but a courageous one based on love. It is through faith that our dreams of having a child will be fulfilled by your generous gift of life.

Brian and Katie

Hello! Our names are Brian and Katie and we live in Pennsylvania. We are a happy, healthy couple looking to adopt a child after struggling to have a family over the last few years. We look forward to being blessed with the privilege to provide a safe, healthy, happy home to a…

William and Sonja

We have so much respect and gratitude for you, for considering “the road less traveled by” and giving your child to a family that is ready to love, nurture and raise your child. Like every other parent-to-be we are anxious about the unknown, but we are ready to welcome our child with open arms and will give him/her all the love, support and guidance that we can.

James and Jennifer

Even before we were married, James and I always had a very specific vision of what our life together would be like. Having grown up together from adolescence to adulthood, we are each other’s best friend and soul mate. We knew long ago we wanted to be a family, one with several children and a dog or two to keep things interesting. We have a wonderful marriage, a lovely home and two great dogs. The only thing missing is the blessing of a beautiful little baby.

Garth and Tracie

“We” are Garth and Tracie. We are husband and wife who are fortunate enough to be best friends. We found each other late in life, but we knew right away that we were made for each other. We met in November of 1995 and were married in September 1997. We were very excited to start our own family. After years of trying, we discovered that both of us are totally unable to have children. When the doctor told us this “solemn” news, we rejoiced! We knew that God clearly intended for us to grow our family through adoption.


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