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Brian and Evelyn

Our adoption story began several years ago. In 2009, an incredible birthmother made a choice that changed our lives forever, and our prayers were answered – a precious newborn baby boy became our son. By her example, our son’s birthmother has taught us so much about adoption as a profound choice to bring forth and invest in life. We can never fully understand what your experience has been or will be, but we have even more respect and gratitude for you because of the insights and understanding we have gained these past two years.

David and Shelly

Four challenging years of failed attempts to have a child have caused us to reflect on our purpose as husband and wife.  It couldn’t be clearer to us that being adoptive parents is our destiny and God’s will for us.  

Erik and Deborah

Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about our lives. We know in our hearts that adoption is the path we should be on. We know you also have made an important decision in your life. It is our hope that our paths will meet and through your selfless decision, our dream of becoming parents to your beautiful baby will come true.

Michael and Ann

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having the strength and courage to undertake the bravest and most difficult decision a mother can make. Your decision to share your miracle of life with us would be the miracle of our lives. We ask for the opportunity to share our lives and our hearts. We embrace the responsibility to raise, love and care. All we need is a special child to enter our lives so we can begin this new journey.

Erik and Lea

Thank you so much for having the courage to place your child for adoption. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you. Your commitment to this adoption will be met with our commitment to raising your child in a safe and loving home. We believe that you will have given us the greatest gift in the world and we are awe-struck by your brave choice. 

Matthew and Colleen

How do we begin to express our gratitude to you? Not only have you chosen to read our letter but you have unselfishly chosen to want a better life for your baby. Our names are Matt and Colleen, and we have waited a long time for the chance to become loving, nurturing parents to a child who needs us. We were not able to conceive a child of our own but want you to know that your baby will be raised as our own, will be raised with an abundance of love, will be kept safe, and will be given opportunities to become the person that would make you proud. How special you are to give this gift to not only your baby, but to us as well. Thank you.

Kevin and Wendy

Someone once said, “True love is caring more about another’s needs than your own”. Your actions as a birth mother exemplify those words. In choosing adoption, you are giving your child, and a prospective adoptive family an incredible gift. As sincerely as we possibly can, please allow us to thank you for making that choice. If you entrust us with the care of your child, please know that we will love and cherish him/her all the days of their lives.

Paul and Misty

We’re not exactly sure how to start this letter, or how to tell you that no matter how tough the times are that you’re facing right now, you are the most treasured gift that has ever been given to us. It’s not every day that you share your heart with someone that you’ve never met before, much less try to relay to them that you would be the perfect parents for their child. We can’t guarantee your child will become the next President or land on the moon as an astronaut, however, we can guarantee that both you and the child you’re carrying will forever be loved. You will both be loved unconditionally and without boundaries, by not only us but by our close knit extended family and friends.

Brian and Juli

As we start to write this letter we realize that there is so much we have in common with you. We are all facing a very challenging time in our lives right now. A time, that will no doubt, change our lives forever. Our heart goes out to you with the love and support and the belief that better times are ahead for all of us. We know that there is nothing that we can say or do to make this easier for you; we just hope that you will see that we can provide a wonderful life for your child, a life that we can all feel good about and be proud of.

Michael and Suzanne

Our names are Suzanne and Mike and our son, Carson, was born in 2006. We were blessed with Carson after several pregnancy losses and fertility treatments. Our little family is so ready for a new member. We cherish the thought of having another child to love and nurture, and Carson is excited to become a big brother.

Michael and Nicole

Thank you for the courageous decision you have made. We understand that this could not have been an easy decision but we know that the choice you have made is the truest form of love imaginable. We know that much soul searching went into your decision and we want you to know that many, many people will benefit from your selfless choice. We would like to share with you who we are in hopes that we can become the family you choose.

David and Christine

Chris is now a stay at home mom who enjoys her mom time with Zechariah.  She is a cycling fanatic and has a passion for health and fitness, therefore she and Zechariah spend many hours at the local YMCA, bike riding, and enjoying the great outdoors.  She is also involved in the local Mothers of Preschoolers group.  I am a co-owner of a successful siding/window business celebrating its 10th year of business.  I also love to spend time with Zechariah, play softball, fly and hunt with my dog Alex.  We both have very close-knit families with all of Chris’ family near-by.  The only thing missing is another sibling for Zechariah to grow up with.  We know we have much to offer your child.  We are financially stable, reside in a good, safe neighborhood; and have an extensive network of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends that will be a huge part of our child’s life. 

Todd and Raelene

We are Todd and Raelene. It has been our heart’s desire to adopt a child for several years now. While we are happy and love where we are at in life, the addition of a baby would enrich our lives. We love to travel and think that you learn more about the world by experiencing it, not just reading about it. Todd and I have been to several different countries and have been blessed to see different cultures at work. 

Ralph and Deborah

With every beat of our hearts we will be forever grateful to you for the gift of your child and we will raise your child with the knowledge that you loved them with every beat of your heart. Although we are unable to conceive a child, we still have a strong desire to parent and have so much to offer. Our hearts tell us not to give up, and that there is a very special baby out there and we will be a family one day.

Steven and Karen

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our hopes and dreams for your child. We know that this is certainly a difficult decision for you and we hope that you will find comfort and assurance from reading our letter. If you choose us to adopt your precious child, we will consider that decision a fulfilled dream.

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