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John and Paige

We live in a nice 5-bedroom home with the brightest room just waiting to be enveloped by giggles and play.  John is the president of our Homeowners Association and is known throughout the neighborhood.  He runs cool neighborhood picnics, too.  Paige is often called upon to chalk draw with the neighbors’ kiddoes outside, but is also known as the person seen running in the wee hours of the morning before anyone else is up.

James and Nicole

Jamie and I believe we would be a perfect fit for you, and we look forward to making you comfortable with who we are and how we will raise your baby. You are making a brave and courageous consideration in your life, and the life of your baby. We can only imagine how hard…

Steven and Jennifer

The child that joins our family will be loved as one of our own. We want our children to be well educated, maintain strong family relationships, give back to their community and be happy. We will provide a loving and supportive environment to help them develop their talents and grow into well-rounded individuals.

Scott and Rhodora

We are very blessed to have two happy and healthy children and are looking forward to adopting our third bundle of joy.  Parenthood has been a crazy and awesome journey so far.  Our children have a happy home life and love to spend time playing in the family room with their toys, or reading books.  Our basement is set up as a kids play land.  With such young children, we love having toys, books, puzzles, and other games out and ready to be played with 24/7!  

Dean and Stacie

Our promise to you is to love, care for and offer your child wonderful opportunities as he/she grows. We, all three of us, promise to do our best to show your child the possibilities that exist in the world and provide the resources and assistance needed to explore those possibilities.

Paul and Jill

We are so thankful that you have chosen adoption for your baby. We admire you for your courage and strength. We cannot wait until the day we become parents, and because of you, our dreams of parenting a child will come true. Both of our families are very excited about our choice to adopt. They can’t wait to have a grandbaby in the family. Never doubt that this baby will be surrounded by so much love.

Gary and Noelle

It’s so hard in a short letter that’s open to the whole world to give you a true sense of who we are and the things that make us special enough to be entrusted with the miracle growing inside you.  Our usual style would be to start with a joke or a funny story, because we’re able to find humor in almost any situation, but we wouldn’t want to give you the impression that we take this honor lightly.  Instead, we’ve spent hours thinking about the best way to convey how much this opportunity means to us.  In the end, all of us will be following our hearts.

Michael and Karen

To begin with, we would like to say thank you.  By reading this letter, you are showing great courage and spirit, and a willingness to protect the life you carry.  We admire you for that strength. 

David and Brandy

We do not want to sound like a broken record after you have read so many other adoptive couples’ letters, but we all share the same purpose, and that is to adopt a beautiful baby and complete our family. We realize that it is impossible to write our whole life story on one page, but we will give it our best to help you get to know us better.

Jeffrey and Jackie

This baby you are carrying is blessed to have you making these choices on their behalf.  Though not easy, you have denied yourself and unselfishly placed this child’s needs above yours and we pray you will be blessed as a result.  Thank you.   Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Though we don’t know what lies ahead for you and your child, we can place our trust in Him. May you be filled with peace as you seek His wisdom.

Kevin and Kanlayane

We haven’t met yet, and it might seem like a stranger could never understand how hard this time is for you. But we do have at least one thing in common: We both know what it’s like to carry a child in pregnancy. In addition to all of the hormonal ups and downs you go through, there is the immense love and feeling of responsibility that maybe only a birth mother can know. When I was pregnant with our daughter, I knew that from then on that her best interests would always come before mine. So while I cannot feel exactly what you’re going through, I can imagine how much love and courage it must take for you to choose this path.

Brendan and Lynn

As we sit down together and talk about what we want to put in our letter, our thoughts go out to you. What can we say to the woman who is thinking about making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of her child? Your compassion, commitment, and love for your child are extraordinary and inspiring. What can we say to the woman who may help us add a child to our family? Words can’t describe how much being parents means to us. Thank you would be a start, but there aren’t enough words in our hearts to describe our gratitude.

Robert and Ronna

The life growing in you is truly our miracle, and you are our angel for choosing life. You are an amazing person for giving your baby unconditional love. Choosing a family for your baby is a very difficult task. We can only imagine what a difficult decision this is for you. Yet, we know by doing so, how unselfish and how strong a women you are.

Alex and Brittany

Your strength, courage and love for your child is already very admirable as you have chosen life and are considering the gift of adoption. Please know that our heart breaks for you as you are trying to make the best decision for your child, putting their needs before yours…

Paul and Michelle

We are Paul and Michelle and in October we will celebrate our 7th anniversary. We are very much in love and are high school sweethearts. After facing the reality of being unable to have a child we reviewed our options and decided that we would pursue adoption. Our dreams of a family have always included a child. We are loving, patient, and affectionate people. If we are chosen, please know that we will treasure your baby and raise your child with strong morals, values, love and encouragement

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