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Chris and Lisanne

We know this is a difficult time for you and we hope there is some help in knowing you are choosing the best life for you and your child and we also hope you find our letter comforting as you are making your decision. We will love and devote ourselves to the health and happiness of your child and we thank you for your selfless and most generous act of love for your baby.

James and Andrea

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents to your beautiful baby. We know what a special and unselfish person you must be to choose this option, and to consider sharing the life of your child with us. We both knew before we were married that we wanted adoption to be a part of our lives. Jim’s large family has a history of adoption. His mom was adopted as an infant and he has two sisters who have adopted children.


Brandon and Jennifer

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We recognize that considering adoption can be a difficult decision and we admire your selfless act. The amount of love you must have for your child to make the adoption choice is commendable.

Rich and Cheryl

We can only imagine what you must be thinking right now. We know this is a difficult time for you and that you have many important decisions to make. Our prayers are with you. Rich and I would like to open our loving home and our hearts to this child. We believe we have much to offer a child. We will never forget what you made possible to us, becoming a complete family. This child is very special to us and your selfless decision is something we’ll never forget.

Gregory and Lori

Greg and I are very active people. Our most important priority is our family. I read something once that describes our family perfect, “ In this house we do second chances, we do grace, we do real, we do mistakes, we do I’m sorry’s, we do hugs, we do family, we do love.” Just as we love our children, we promise to show the same unconditional love to your child. We promise to be a positive role model and give your child the attention he/she deserves.

Alfred and Melissa

Thank you for reading our letter. We are Fred and Melissa, and we are honored that you would consider us as a potential family for your baby. We admire your selfless decision regarding the future of your child. Thank you for having the strength and courage to pursue this avenue. Your decision shows the deep love you have for your child. He or she will always know how special you are, and how much courage was behind your decision.

Mark and Michelle

We have worked hard to build a life together. We live in a beautiful home that is situated in a suburb setting that offers swimming, golfing, tennis and many other family activities. Our home is the meeting place for almost all of our family gatherings. It was designed to entertain and we fill it with lots of family, friends and fun every chance we get. We are both lucky to have our parents nearby and we enjoy spending time with them. As a couple we share a love for movies, traveling, and playing with our cat, Kaylee. We are in hopes of starting a family to love with all our hearts.

Philip and Rachel

It is with admiration, love and humility that we ask for your blessing in raising your baby. Nothing would mean more to us, and this opportunity will fill a hole which will complete our family.

Paul and Jill

We are so thankful that you have chosen adoption for your baby. We admire you for your courage and strength. We cannot wait until the day we become parents, and because of you, our dreams of parenting a child will come true. Both of our families are very excited about our choice to adopt. They can’t wait to have a grandbaby in the family. Never doubt that this baby will be surrounded by so much love.

Ivan and Jana

We will be loving and devoted parents; giving your child; lots of love, good values, an emphasis on education, tolerance for different cultures, healthy modeling of relationships, dual language, and a sense of adventure that comes from traveling.

Benjamin and Michelle

Our names are Ben and Michelle. We are trying to fulfill our dreams of having a family. We know what a tough decision this must be for you. Please know we will be with you all the way and even into the future; you will always remain a part of our family. The love in our hearts is so great and we know a child will only make our love even stronger. It is an unselfish gift you are giving and we are ever so grateful. This is our story.

Lee and Connie

Hi there! With all the excellent families waiting (as we are) to find their own precious and special child, it must be challenging to choose the “right family fit” that you want for your baby. We can hardly wait to meet our new child, and we pray for the health and safety of the baby and the special, unselfish woman who will make our dreams come true by bringing our baby into our family.

Ivano and Kellie

Ivano and I have known each other for seven years and have been married for two. Our lives together consist mostly of spending time with family and friends. We planned to add two more children to our family. However, after one year of trying to conceive as well as having gone through a miscarriage, we realized our infertility difficulties would lead us to the opportunity of adoption. We look forward with excitement and anticipation for the possibility of adopting a child into our family. We thank you so much for your time, consideration, and the precious gift of life.

Stanley and Sharyn

Though the journey ahead is a difficult one, we hope you will be comforted in knowing your precious gift will be received by loving parents. There will be many letters similar to this one that you will read in your search and after reading our letter we hope you will find that little spark that will bring you closer to your decision. We would be so blessed with your choice to entrust us with raising and loving your child.

Glenn and April

We cannot begin to understand how difficult all of this must really be and so we won´t even try to put into words how you or we feel. Just know that you are loved and not alone. It would be our honor to add one more sweet spirit to our home. I´ve been thinking for several days over just the right thing to say and include and I´ve narrowed it down to just this: WOW! How can we adequately let you know what´s in our hearts in only one page. But here goes…

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