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Joseph and Janette

Hello! We have so much respect and admiration for you in making this difficult decision. We are hoping and praying that you feel that this adoption is for the best both for you and your baby. It is surely the best thing than could happen to us. As you read this letter, may you get an insight on how we are as a family and consider us to receive the miracle you’re bringing into this world.

Bryan and Shelby

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. “ – Lao Tzu  We are both looking forward to the day that we get to build tree forts and doll houses, camp in the backyard, teach your child about life, show him or her different experiences and different cultures, and take family vacations. We already have some great ideas for a beautiful nursery.


Salvatore and Antonella

This is an important moment in your life and ours. We imagine that your decision to choose adoption for your baby has been a difficult one and that you have made it with love in your heart. Our decision to become adoptive parents has taken us on a different, but parallel journey. We would feel blessed to welcome your child into our family. Thanks for considering us and for getting to know us a bit more.

Ken and Deborah

It is with enormous respect, compassion and consideration that we submit this letter to you. We hope that as you read this letter you will get a sense of whom we are and what our lives are about. We thank you for the most precious gift and the honor of providing a secure, happy, and loving home for your child. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you make this courageous decision.

Brion and Sarah

Scott and I both know that even with all the activities we are involved in the one thing missing is sharing all of that, and the love in our hearts, with a baby. We are ready to stop being just a “couple” and start being a family. We may never know the flesh of our flesh, see my eyes staring back at me from another face, or a replica of my husband’s dimpled smile smiling up at me; but your baby would be the heart of our hearts.

John and Anna

It is with much thought and years of praying that we find ourselves here desiring to adopt your precious little one. What a blessing the miracle of life is! Words cannot even begin to express our concern for you as you face this challenging time in your life. My husband and I have already been praying for the birthmother that God would send our way, wherever she may be, and that He would grant you the healing peace that you need.

Richard and Darlene

We would like to start by saying that the decision you have made must have been extremely difficult and heart wrenching. In our opinions, what you are doing constitutes a miracle. Your altruistic act of choosing adoption will fill some lucky couples life (hopefully ours) with much joy. We know that if I were in your shoes, I would want to choose a family that has an abundance of love, warmth, happiness and family values. We know as you read through all of these various stories you are going to find many people that fit into that category, and because of this, your decision is going to be a tough one. We think you deserve to know the background of the couple that you are considering, so here it is.

Daniel and Lynne

Please know that our family will always remember your bravery and love! More than anything we want you to feel confident knowing that your baby will receive unconditional love, support and guidance. Your child’s life will be filled with love, laughter, joy, warmth and more…

James and Lori

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents to love and nurture your precious child.  They say a hero is a person admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities.  We cannot think of a more heroic act than to give the gift of life and selflessly place this miracle in someone else’s arms.   We cannot begin to fathom how difficult this decision has been for you, and we trust that God will continue to provide you strength during this courageous path.  Please know that if you give us the opportunity, we will love your child unconditionally and provide every means possible to ensure he or she lives an amazing life.

Rory and Dedra

What do you say to the woman who is reading this letter, to the woman who can make our family complete? No words can express how we feel other than thank you. We want to express our heart felt gratitude for taking the time to read our letter and to get to know a little bit about us and the life we are excited to provide for this child.

Michael and Melinda

My name is Mike and my wife Mina and I are honoured that you are considering us to be the adoptive parents of your unborn child. Having been adopted myself, I wanted you to perhaps have a different perspective of the possibility of adoption. I am one of three children, two of which were adopted. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel grateful for the opportunity my own birth mother gave me to have the wonderful life I lead today.

James and Allison

Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, but it seems like when we fall onto a difficult path, it somehow still works out for the best.  Like us, you are on an unexpected path; however, our paths are crossing, so hopefully it can become the best possible situation for all of us!

Paxton and Elizabeth

As you sit here reading our letter, we hope that it gives you some sense of who we are and how much we admire your courage in making this decision. We are Paxton and Elizabeth, and our greatest dream is to be parents. It feels strange to be writing this letter to someone who we do not know, but will give us the greatest gift of our lives. We are so grateful.

Dodd and April

We are so glad you are taking the time to find out about us. We can’t wait to learn about you! The choice you’ve made is a brave and scary one; a choice that could affect our family in a life changing way. You have the ultimate gift to give, a life. A life that can complete our family with the blessing of your gift. We’ve been lucky enough to experience the blessing of a child with our fourteen year old son, Kody. He is so excited about becoming a big brother! When we told him we wanted to adopt he said, “That’s all I want for Christmas!” Obviously, we knew then that our decision to adopt was final.

Jeff and Tammy

We are very excited about the prospect of becoming parents! Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn about our family. We have decided to adopt because we want the opportunity to love and parent a child. Thanks again for taking the time to learn about us and for considering adoption.

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