Immediate Adoption Situations

If you are hopeful Adoptive Parents starting on your adoption journey, your adoption professional will ask if you are open to an “Immediate Adoption Situation” or “Immediate Birth Adoption Opportunity.”

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These situations/opportunities occur when a Birth Mother is about to give birth or if she has just given birth and does not have an adoption plan in place.

Immediate adoption situations are not going to work for all Adoptive Parents because they are not all ready for the reality of bringing home a baby in such a short period of time. Due to the urgency of timing, when your adoption professional presents you with an immediate situation/opportunity, they will likely only have very limited information about the Birth Parents. You will also have to be prepared to leave right away and travel to where the Birth Mother and baby are.

If you have decided that you are able to accept an immediate adoption situation, it will be important for you to get your home study completed because adoption laws will preclude you from moving forward otherwise.

An immediate adoption situation will require flexibility and the ability to handle the unexpected. However, your adoption professionals will be in communication with you and will also be working behind the scenes on issues like the legal pathway, addressing Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children issues, if applicable, as well as coordinating the adoption with the hospital and Birth Mother.

Every family’s adoption journey will be unique. If you are considering whether or not an immediate adoption situation is right for yours, reach out to your adoption professional and learn about how this looked for other families who have already adopted.

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