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Our use of the terms “putting up” or “giving up” does not reflect our feelings about adoptive placement. These are the most used search terms for those considering adoption for their baby. We wish to reach all who seek this important information.

Helpful Resources When Considering Adoption in Amarillo, Texas

When you think about adoption, you may wonder, “Where to start?” A lot of people turn to the internet, even to find something that is local. If you are pregnant, you need to go to a place nearby for prenatal care. If you want to adopt a baby, you need to work with an adoption agency serving your area.

This page has information for Amarillo, Texas in the Potter and Randall County regions. If you are pregnant we have links to Pregnancy Resource Centers. This type of place is sometimes called a Crisis Pregnancy Center. We also provide a list of  hospitals with a Labor and Delivery department. If you are thinking about adoption for your baby, we are here to help you to make a plan. For many years, ANLC has been a trusted resource for adoption.

Resources for adoptive parents re below. Info about other areas in the state of Texas may be found on our Texas State Page.

Pregnancy Resource Centers in Amarillo, Texas

Pregnancy Resource Centers are usually not-for-profit clinics to go to confirm a pregnancy. The staff will review and discuss available options. Many are not staffed by medical personnel, and do not distribute contraceptives. A lot of them connect with pro-life organizations. But not all have religious affiliation. The Pregnancy Resource Centers in the Potter/Randall County regions that are in or close to Amarillo is:

Hope+Choice Pregnancy Centers (multiple locations)

Affordable Prenatal Care in Amarillo, Texas

Clinics have medical personnel and can help with prenatal care and family planning. They can do STD and cancer screenings and can prescribe and distribute contraceptives. The providers of affordable prenatal care for Amarillo and Potter/Randall County residents are:

Northwest JO Wyatt Clinic & Women and Children’s Clinic Southeast
Regence Health Network

Women in Texas who need health coverage for pregnancy can check Texas Health and Human Services.

Hospitals in Amarillo, Texas

The hospital should be aware of the adoption. A hospital plan is helpful to do this. The hospitals in Amarillo, Texas region are:

BSA Hazel and Ross Wilson Women’s Center
Childbirth Center at Northwest Texas Healthcare System

Completing the Home Study in Amarillo, Texas

A home study makes sure that Adoptive Parents are ready to receive a child into their home. There are certain Adoption Home Study Requirements for each state. The process includes getting information about family history and personal background, health and financial information. Here are some home study providers in Amarillo, Texas or the Potter/Randall County regions:

Adoption Answers, Inc.
Children’s Connections, Inc.
Little Flower Adoptions

Become a Foster Parent in Amarillo, Texas

To help a child in foster care in Potter/Randall County: Texas Adoption Resource Exchange. Licensed agencies listed below:

A World For Children
Buckner Foster Care and Adoption
The Bair Foundation

Court Information

The final step in the legal adoption process is finalization through court action. Adoptions are filed in either the Potter County District Court Clerk or the Randall County District Court.

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