Preparing for Birth

As your due date approaches you will want to make decisions regarding the birth. Where will you give birth?

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You might choose a hospital because that is where your doctor provides services. Medical intervention is available in a hospital setting. Some hospitals have created comfortable rooms just for giving birth.

Familiarize yourself with the hospital. Take a tour if one is offered. Learn the rules and policies the hospital has. This is your chance to ask questions:

  • Ask how they handle adoption situations.
  • Ask what they do to make adoption situations smoother.
  • Ask to meet the social worker at the hospital.
  • Ask if the nurses have had training on dealing with adoption.

If the hospital does not currently have provisions in place for adoption sensitivity, let your Adoption Advisor know so that she can send them information.


Freestanding birth centers have become more popular. Only healthy women with normal pregnancies should give birth in a birthing center. Often the birthing center is run by a midwife. As with a hospital birth, it is important to tour the facility before making a decision.


Many women feel they have more control with a home birth and deliver healthy babies at home with a midwife.


Water births are typically done at home or in a birth center with a midwife present. Many moms feel a water birth creates a more soothing and relaxing laboring environment.


A birth coach is there to support you through labor and delivery. Your birth coach can be a family member, friend or a professional. When selecting a birth coach you will want:

  • Someone who can provide emotional support
  • Someone who can support you and be positive
  • Someone who is flexible
  • Someone who will have good communication with you and the staff
  • Someone who can handle the stress and environment of labor and delivery


Learn what to expect during labor and delivery in a Lamaze class. Lamaze teaches relaxation and coping techniques and can help women feel more confident about giving birth. Lamaze classes are often attended by couples. Some Expectant Mothers take a trusted friend or birth coach. There are many videos and instructional birthing materials you can find online for free if you decide Lamaze classes are not right for you.

While you may seek advice from family, friends and doctors, you are the one to make the decision about where to give birth. Choose what you are comfortable with and what you feel is best for you and your baby.

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