Healing Hearts Support Group

Healing Hearts is a private Facebook group that was created to Honor and Support Birth Mothers during all stages of the placement journey.

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Healing Hearts

The process of creating an adoption plan and becoming a birthmother is an incredibly unique experience. For most, it is uncharted waters, which can make it feel like a scary and lonely process. But you are not alone!

We have created a community of women who want to use their experience to help others. We want to help give you a voice! Our goal is to offer encouragement, knowledge, education, and support to all birthmothers who want to join. The women in this group have a heart for sharing their story and offering support to other women and families walking through the adoption process.

Not only do they use their voice and share their story, but they are in a supportive community of women who have similar experiences. No one journey is the same, but we all respect each other’s differences and paths that brought us here. It is truly a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.

If you have a heart to share your story and offer support to others throughout their journey, we would love for you to join us! You are welcome here.

Healing Hearts Facebook Group

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