Abortion: Available when Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be scary and confusing. You may have never given thought to what you would do in this situation and now you are suddenly faced with making a life altering decision.

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“The entire team at ANLC made me feel welcome, safe, protected and loved. I did not, for even a moment feel, less than, or at all judged, for choosing adoption. That to me was so awesome I can’t even explain it. As I look at this experience, I see that you all weren’t saving just my unborn baby’s life but definitely mine as well.” – Jane

Abortion is one of the options available to you when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Below are some factors to consider when evaluating whether or not abortion is the right option for you.

1. You don’t feel that you are ready to parent

This is a common reason women choose to have an abortion when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Many women who become pregnant are unable to finish school and this often affects their lifetime income potential. Teenage pregnancy especially has long-term impacts on teen parents and their children as children of teen mothers are more likely to have lower school achievement, more health problems, be incarcerated and face unemployment.

2. Pregnancy Poses a Physical Threat to You and/or the Fetus

Sometimes women have health problems that will interfere in their pregnancy. These health problems may have existed prior to the pregnancy or may have arisen as a result of the pregnancy. In some cases, the progression of the pregnancy may result in the death of the mother or the child. In these situations, make sure you speak to your doctor and receive counseling to determine if abortion the right option for you.

3. Financial costs of your options

Financial cost may be a factor for you when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Abortion: The cost of an abortion may vary widely, depending on your state and the method of abortion. The abortion pill can cost between $0-$800 and in clinic abortions may cost up to $1500. Depending on your state of residence, your insurance or Medicaid could cover part or all of your abortion costs.

Adoption: For a woman considering an adoption plan, there is no cost. Financial assistance may be available for medical and living expenses in accordance to state law.

Parenting: Research shows that it costs at least $200,000 to raise a child to the age of 18.

4. You don’t want others to know that you are pregnant or sexually active.

In your current environment, there may be an atmosphere of shame around an unplanned pregnancy and this might be influencing your decision.

If abortion would not be your first choice but for this, it may be a good idea to speak to some trusted friends or family or even a professional or organization to discuss your unique situation and the other options available to you.

5. You are getting pressured from your partner or your family

You might be unsure about an abortion but you may find your partner or your family pressuring you to make that decision. Whatever decision you make, you need to make sure that you are confident that it is the right decision for you. If you are unsure about an abortion and do not feel that you can confide in family or friends, reach out to a professional to discuss your situation.

It is important to note that if you are under 18, some states may require parental consent or a court exception for you to receive an abortion.

The final decision about your unplanned pregnancy is yours to make. It may be difficult as you consider your options but know that there are many people and organizations dedicated to supporting and guiding you along the path you select.

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