Choosing a Doctor

While considering your options, it’s important to take care of yourself. Your body is experiencing some big changes. Your health and your baby’s health are top priority.

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Feeling comfortable about your healthcare provider will help you feel more at ease throughout your pregnancy and on delivery day. Who you choose might be based on what kind of delivery you want. If you plan to deliver in a hospital or birthing center you will select an obstetrician. If you want to deliver at home or have a water birth, you’ll generally work with a midwife— although a midwife can practice in any setting. Another factor in your decision might rest on your insurance provider. Here are some considerations:

  • If you have private insurance, they can direct you to an OB/GYN in your area.
  • You may be entitled to public assistance or insurance benefits during your pregnancy.
  • If you have chosen adoption and you do not qualify for assistance, the Adopting Parents will cover your medical expenses.

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