Joseph and Megan

Married Since: 2014

Pets: No

Stay at Home Parent: Part-Time

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: No

If adoption is the right choice for you and for your baby, know that we would be honored to be a part of it, and would never forget the loving sacrifice you made for your child. We promise to love your child, unconditionally, for the rest of our lives.

Joseph and Megan

from Nebraska


Ancestry: German, English

Religion: Lutheran

Occupation: Materials Management

Education: B.S.

Hobbies: Golf, Outdoors, Sports


Ancestry: English, German

Religion: Episcopal

Occupation: Hair Stylist

Education: Certificate

Hobbies: Decorating, Walking, Being with Joe


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: Caucasian, Caucasian / Hispanic, Caucasian / Pacific Islander

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Lutheran


From Us to You

“Family: Where life begins and love never ends” – author unknown

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We recognize the choice you are making is one of the most difficult a woman can face. Entrusting your child to be raised by someone else requires incredible strength, honesty, bravery and, most of all, love for your child. We deeply respect that. Please know that we are comfortable and open to sharing photos, milestones and precious moments with you on Shutterfly. We want you to have the ability to check in whenever you want to, and see new and updated photos and videos.

We are Joe and Megan, and are extremely honored to be considered as adoptive parents for your baby. We have been in love and married for four years and enjoy long walks, being outdoors, taking in movies and catching up with friends and family. We enjoy life together and pray and dream of becoming a family through adoption.

Two days after Christmas in 2012 is where our paths crossed on accident, at a pizza pub, and we immediately hit it off. Joe was living in Kansas at the time and came back on weekends to go on dates and for us to get to know each other. He ended up moving back to Nebraska four months after we met. January 2014 is when we got engaged and then married a few months later in April. It was a small and intimate occasion surrounded by fifty-five of our family and closest friends.

Some of the things that we can’t wait to experience with the start of parenthood include your little one’s first words and first steps. Another thing that is important to us is being a part of helping them learn and grow with all of their new, daily life experiences. We look forward to trips to the park, the zoo and helping him or her to learn how to ride a bike and even just reading books every night as they fall asleep. It will be so rewarding to watch them grow into their own young person, meeting people and making friends of their own both in school and with all the neighbor kids. Most important is that we just want to be there to help them with whatever they need to start their life in a loving, caring and healthy environment.

Thank you again for your time and for getting to know us a bit. If adoption is the right choice for you and for your baby, know that we would be honored to be a part of it, and would never forget the loving sacrifice you made for your child. We promise to love your child unconditionally for the rest of our lives.

Joe & Megan


About Megan

Megan and I were introduced by a mutual friend on a holiday weekend, and I don’t think either one of us was planning on meeting the person we were going to spend the rest of their life with that night. Right when I met her I was immediately attracted to her funny and outgoing personality. After a few dates, our relationship grew closer with a lot of talks about what we both wanted in a life partner and our future. Starting and growing a family was something we had both always wanted and now our journey continues.


About Joe

Everyone who knows Joe, also loves him. He has a heart of gold and is a genuine guy all around. He really enjoys his job and everyone he works with enjoys him as well. When he isn’t at work we enjoy walks, movies, dinners out and connecting with family. The biggest thing I can say about us is our love for each other and our amazing sense of humor. The moment I met Joe I could see the perfect father figure in him.


Our Families

Megan’s mom spends her winters in Arizona and the rest of the year here in Nebraska. Unfortunately, we lost Megan’s dad two months after we got married to dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Joe’s parents live here in Nebraska, just ten minutes from away us. Megan has an older brother and sister that were brought into her life through adoption. Her brother is married, lives in Iowa and has two children. Her sister is also married and lives in Missouri with one child. Joe has one brother who lives in Arizona, and is married with a daughter who just turned one.


Our Home

Two years ago we moved into our first home that we built together! The house is located in a nice quiet circle that is full of friendly people and lots of kids. There is also a park nearby and also within walking distance of our new home is a new elementary school that is only two years old.


Our Lifestyle

We like to live a laid back “easy breezy” lifestyle. We tend to spend our weekends and time off with family, friends and our neighbors. Some of the things we enjoy are grilling out at the house, eating a meal at any of our favorite restaurants, watching our favorite sporting events and sometimes even just staying in and relaxing watching a movie or the T.V. shows we like. During the week Joe’s work schedule is pretty demanding, so when Megan isn’t at the salon, she is tending to the day-to-day needs at the house. In the evenings, if the weather cooperates, we like to go for a walk or just spend time outdoors relaxing or working in the yard and landscaping. Sometimes we also enjoy evenings playing card games, movies or listening to music.



Family for us is big around the holidays, whether it’s just a few of us that can get together or a lot of us, it’s just nice to all get caught up. One of the big days of the year is the annual Labor Day family picnic with always a big turnout and plenty of kids running and playing together. In the winter, Megan’s mom goes to Arizona and since Joe’s brother’s family also lives down there, we try to plan a trip to get out of the cold weather in the Midwest. Megan’s brother and sister and their families are also in the Midwest so they are closer and easier to connect with. Joe’s parents live in the same city that we do, so there will always be loving grandparents close by. We both enjoy and do a great job of decorating the house during all the holidays. Both of us experienced a lot of different traditions form both of our families growing up with grandparents, parents and relatives. One of the biggest things we are looking forward to with bringing a baby into our lives is starting some of our own new yearly traditions and creating new and lifelong memories of our own.


Why We are Choosing to Adopt

After we met and dated for a while we had both talked so much about having children and about how our lives would be fulfilled with children in it.

~ A child has a special way of adding joy to every day ~

After we got married, we set out to start our family right away. After some time with infertility, we found that we were going to have go in a different direction with bringing a baby into our lives. Adoption was the new path for us, and since Megan has two siblings who were adopted when she was growing up, it is a very familiar and comfortable decision. We hope that this journey helps us not only start our family, but fulfill our hopes and dreams of becoming parents and sharing our life and experiences with a child of our own.

~ Adopting a child won’t change the world – but for that child, the world will change~

On a Typical 3-Day Weekend

When we have a 3-day weekend, we like to check out and see what’s going on in the community and see if there are any events we may want to attend (Farmer’s markets, movies, Nebraska football, basketball and volleyball games. Sometimes we sneak away for a couple days to Omaha, and we also enjoy heading to Iowa to see Megan’s brother and his family.

What We Hope to Teach our Child

We want to teach your child the same values and ethics that our parents instilled in both of us. Going to church and being a good student in school – other things like respecting your elders — be nice to others – good work habits and responsibility.


How a Child will Enrich our Lives

It wasn’t long after we met that we knew we wanted to have children as part of our ‘life plans’. We can’t wait for the day-to-day adventures we’ll have with a child in our lives. The things we’ll experience and learn as new parents will be irreplaceable, special and unforgettable.

Day-to-Day Plans

Megan will be home about 75% percent of the time, working around Joe’s work schedule, and we will probably have a nanny a few hours a week as needed. Day-to- day plans would include indoor and outdoor activities, play dates with friends and their kids, story time every night at bedtime and at Barnes and Noble, and getting to know and spend time with all of Baby’s new family members.


When We Hold Your Baby in our Arms, our thoughts will be...

Our thoughts will always be that “we hope she is doing well” and we will always be thinking of the strength and bravery that she showed in making such a difficult and important decision in her and her child’s life.

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