Nickname: Fred and Mary

Married Since: 2010

Pets: No

Stay at Home Parent: Yes

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: Yes

Our goal is to give our children the best childhood that enables them to learn and grow as they are able, and to teach them to become capable adults as they near adulthood. We want them to be strong, independent, and caring.

Frederick and Mary-Alice

from North Carolina


Ancestry: Irish, German, American

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Software Engineer

Education: B.S.

Hobbies: Volleyball, Weight lifting, Fitness


Ancestry: German, English

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom

Education: B.S. in Progress

Hobbies: Running, Swimming, Reading


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: All Races / Ethnicities

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Christian


From Us to You

Dear Expectant Mother:

From the early years of our marriage we talked about our desire to adopt and would welcome your child into our family where they will be loved unconditionally and thrive in a family where they will be adored and cherished every day.

Growing our family has been challenging and painful. We lost two babies to miscarriages after the birth of our first daughter and then we were blessed with the birth of our son, our double rainbow baby.

Our next pregnancy ended in devastation after our little daughter passed away at 28 weeks. Our entire family feels her loss daily and I am no longer confident that my body can safely carry another baby.

Our daughter Eva is so ready to be a big sister again, and our son Jaxson is ready to finally be a big brother. Our hearts long to bring another baby into our family. We can provide your child with a stable and loving home and a family life where making memories, living a healthy lifestyle, education and a bright future are our main focus.

Your child will be raised to love family, enjoy nature, to be strong, capable, kind, and loving; to know how to make new friends, and to love themselves; to love God, to always know that God loves them; and to know that our love for them is forever – no matter what.

Should you bless us with the gift of your child, please know that this gift of the life of your precious child will never be taken for granted. This life, this child, will be our world.

Thank you for considering us,
Fred and Mary


About Fred, by Mary

Guys like Fred are few and far between. I am so grateful to have him as my life partner. He is devoted and loyal to the highest degree. He is selfless and patient. I can’t tell you how many times he’s made something for himself only to give most or all of it to me or the kids. He’s the kind of guy who will spend all day at work only to come home and immediately play with his kids, prepare supper, or help out with whatever I might be struggling with at the moment. He loves his family life, and you can see it’s a high priority with him. He’s also dedicated to fitness and committed to giving his best to his job. I think the thing I love most about him is his absolute love and devotion to his family. Eva even calls him her ‘big softy!’ I know his patience surpasses mine, and I try to learn from how sweetly and gently he parents. He tries to understand what the kids are going through, and to see things through their perspective. He’s one of the most involved fathers I’ve known. He tries to give the best part of his days to the family. He truly loves selflessly.


About Mary, by Fred

When I first met Mary, I was immediately drawn to her smile. There is something about that smile that makes you want to smile with her; to laugh with her, and to be happy with her. In the 12 years I have known Mary, she has consistently brought that joy and laughter to our relationship. She is intelligent, witty, and clever. She is diligent in her school studies, and passionate about running and training for races. One thing that may surprise you about Mary is her love for the outdoors. She grew up hiking, fishing, and riding four-wheelers through the fields on her parents’ land. Mary loves water, swimming, and the beach more than any of that though, and as a result we spend many days our family’s pool, and many weeks at the beach each year at one of our family’s beach houses. Mary is a tender and patient mother to our children, and through this I see more of her heart revealed, and I fall in love with her more deeply than before. I thank God often for bringing Mary into my life.


Our Home

Our neighborhood is quiet but beautiful with trees everywhere. A small amount of traffic trickles back and forth. Mary’s sisters’ houses are in sight of ours, and our good friends’ is directly across from us.

Coming into our driveway, there’s a white picket fence that lines the front yard, separating the dirt road from our lawn and offering a little privacy and safety for the kids. The front walkway is overflowing with pink and yellow flowers on either side.

Toward the backyard, a playground reveals itself with swings and a slide, shaded from the heat. A little garden nearby with a small waterfall landscape makes itself heard with its water and wind chimes. A tall maple tree has several swings hanging from it. A little further down our hill is a little creek we love to visit.

Overlooking the backyard are our kitchen and dining room windows. We spend so much time here cooking, baking, cleaning, and eating together. Past this we have our living room. A large sectional couch encircles the room, and a large TV screen is on the wall. There’s a play kitchen in a corner of this room filled with play food and cookware.

The hallway leads to the playroom first, with lots of sunlight. We spend hours here playing with the kids. They have trains, cars, dinosaurs, dress up clothes, dolls, and most of all doctor’s toys. Doctor Eva and Nurse Jaxson enjoy taking care of their many stuffed animals at their clinic.

The next room is where the kids will have their own beds when they are ready to move out of our room. Right now, we are using this room to grow indoor plants, keep our crafts and hobbies stored, and we let guests spend the night here.

Next is our bathroom/washing room. We use vertical space to our advantage here with shelves and a stackable washer and dryer.

Our bedroom has a large bed against the windows. Eva’s bed is nearby. She can even reach out to hold hands if she feels lonely. We have a dresser that holds most of the children’s clothes, and a closet with the rest of our clothes.

We are constructing an add-on, which is larger than this entire home. When complete it will have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a new kitchen, dining room, and living room. Our home will almost triple in size, and our family will have room to grow.


Our Families

We have a beautiful network of friends and family that enrich our lives. Our kids have many cousins who live in our neighborhood, and they often walk over to see us. Mary’s sisters live nearby and are her closest friends.

We have a neighborhood friend who is a single mother with three kids. Her children are similar in age to ours and I, Mary, love to get together with her and watch the kids play while we chat about life over a cup of tea. Her life experiences are so different, and I love to learn what life has taught her. We see each other at least once a week, and go to church together.

We often have dinner together with my Mary’s sister, Karen, and her family. We go on walks, tackle projects, and hang out together very often- especially in the summer. The kids will be amazing cousins to your child. Their girls have such a sweet heart for children, and are always so patient and caring.

Mary’s sister Denise works in the same department Fred does. We enjoy taking vacations with her and her family, and their youngest is about the same age as our oldest. Our interests are very similar –running, fishing, swimming, hiking, and gourmet cooking.

All of Mary’s sisters are excited about our adoption, and are eager to welcome your little baby into their own families.

We have several friends in town that we’ve made through our hobbies (like volleyball and running), and when the weather is nice we can get together to enjoy the outdoors at our beautiful parks. We recently joined a new church, so we don’t know many people there yet. We are joining a small group, and hope to grow our friendships in the church.

Fred’s family lives in Illinois. Many of them have kids around the same ages as ours. We often will go on  beach trips together. I can just picture holding your little one, dipping their feet into the water as the waves wash away, taking long strolls as the sun sets, sitting under the tent while we play in the sand together, chasing them down the shore line as they splash me with sandy water. Then, as the sun sinks down and their tired eyes begin to droop, washing their sandy feet off, slipping their footie pajamas on, and rocking them to sleep in my arms.

When our families are apart, we send each other letters and drawings throughout the year, and count down the days until we can be together.


Our Lifestyle

We live in a small, quiet neighborhood in the middle of a beautiful North Carolina hardwood forest. It is a safe, fun and happy place to raise our family. Mary’s family owns hundreds of acres of fields, forests, ponds and streams. We live directly next to this sprawling property, and spend much time as a family outdoors enjoying the wild. When the days are warm, we take the kids down to the creek to catch crawdads, snakes, and frogs, and explore nature. There’s always something in nature for the kids to enjoy, and we can’t wait to show your little one all that this beautiful land has to offer. We’ll take them on hikes with cousins, splash around in puddles and at the creek when they’re older, and head to an open field to throw a ball or a Frisbee after enjoying a nice picnic in the shade.

Fred’s office is a 5-minute walk away, and while Mary is at home caring for, playing with, and teaching the children, they often come by to visit me at the office, and play on the playground outside. He can picture Mary walking up the road with Eva and Jaxson on either side, pushing a stroller with your little one inside. These visits are the highlights of his work days.

We attend church every Sunday, take Eva to dance lessons, visit the local library, play at the kids’ park, and visit a few friends out of state from time to time. For the most part we stay at home or in our neighborhood – we like it here! We do go on vacation to our various family beach/mountain houses for 5 or 6 weeks throughout the year, and we love road trips as a family! Wherever we find ourselves, as long as we’re together we’re making memories.

On the weekends, we often head outside to garden, or build a puzzle inside when it’s cold. We make pots of tea and cookies to enjoy while we all read books together or play in the playroom. We head to town for an afternoon of errand running, or go to a friend’s house for a play-date. Even on the weekends when the days have less structure, we love to have family meals together as often as possible. We talk about our days, let the kids tell us what their days felt like to them, and talk about what we want to do after dinner time.

After meals, we clean the kitchen together, then play or read together. Sometimes we will all fold a giant basket of laundry and everyone gets to put away their own clothes. The kids’ bedtime routine is very simple, but at the end we get to read books together. We’re in the middle of the Paddington Series, and Eva absolutely loves it. We all pile onto the big king size bed, and Jaxson brings his own little books to look through, and read until bedtime. We all can’t wait to read to your baby, and show them all the colors and shapes and letters of our world. There is so much love we are waiting to give your little child.


Family Traditions

Every Halloween we let the kids choose a costume. They’re usually so specific that Mary winds up making them (this year they were troglodytes). Now, it’s become a tradition that we make the costumes together; we pick out, shop, craft and sew them together. After Halloween, the costumes go to our dress up collection for imagination play!

We switch off every year between Fred’s family and Mary’s for Christmas time. Christmas Eve, we all go to Outback steakhouse with all the extended family around us. When we get home, we take presents from under the family tree and hide presents for every single family member. This takes about 2 hours because there are a lot of us! The next morning, we get up, make coffee, stick a sausage casserole in the oven and then wake the kids. They come out and we open presents from each other while enjoying coffee, cocoa and casserole. We go over to Mary’s sister’s house where everyone else is meeting up for the rest of Christmas day. Everyone hunts for their presents (we hide them really well!), then we all open presents. Anyone who wants to cook goes into the kitchen to make Christmas dinner together. After dinner, we have wassail and play games.

For birthdays, the kids get to choose and help make their own cakes.

Board games during any holiday are a standing tradition in Fred’s family, and we carry this on in our family. One COVID New Year’s Eve we were supposed to gather with our extended family but couldn’t because of exposure risk, so we played board games with the kids and set out snacks. It was very low key, but one of our favorite New Year’s Eve memories.

We always go to the beach at least once in the summer. We set up a large tent, pack a cooler, set up the crib for the littlest one to nap, and stay out all day long playing in the sand and water.

Our newest yearly tradition is to go to the hospital where our Zoe Christine was stillborn and bring a “welcome baby” basket to a baby born on Zoe’s birthday.


About Us

We met in 2007 and were happily married in 2010.  We started our new life in the home we live in now and it’s been a wonderful, fulfilling, supportive and loving marriage. What makes our marriage so strong is that we are committed to each other; we communicate very well and, while we have faced many challenges, we continue to grow and through it all we continue to love and cherish each other. We have similar values, and though we may not always agree on things, we listen to the other person’s heart on issues we may disagree on and are respectful to each.

While our parenting styles are very similar, Fred is the one who encourages the kids to be brave, do hard things, take (reasonable) risks. For example, Mary would try to help Eva learn to ride her bike last year by letting her take her time on her balance bike. She got pretty good with balance, but she never jumped on a pedal bike to try it for herself. Fred took her out one day on the pedal bike and within 3 days she was riding without any assistance. She now wants to ride bikes all the time.  Eva was scared to try, but her dad was able to encourage her and because she faced her fears, she succeeded.

We believe in being honest and upfront with our kids, in an age-appropriate context. Our core values are love, truth and kindness. Our faith in Jesus is foundational to our perspective of life.

We are thrilled at the thought of adopting, and talk to our kids about welcoming a new sibling into our home this way. Eva understands what this means better than Jaxson, and she really cannot wait until the day she can hold her new sibling and show them all the love her heart has for them.


Racial and Cultural Diversity

Diversity is an issue we care deeply about. Approaching the exciting idea of transracial adoption, we have to recognize that there will be challenges and perspectives that we can’t even predict that we will work to face with humility and an open, searching heart. Educating ourselves is very important to us, so that your child won’t have to come to us and teach us their own obstacles, but that we can hopefully anticipate them and help prepare them for what challenges they may face, as well as celebrate their differences. We rely heavily on first person resources, first hand experiences from similar circumstances, and our amazing and diverse community.

While we recognize there will be challenges, we also know there will be a beautiful benefit to our home from the enrichment other cultures will bring. We will celebrate your child’s heritage and help them embrace and connect with their roots and culture. This will broaden our family’s world, and is just one aspect of transracial adoption that we look forward to.

Our families are supportive of our decision to adopt transracially, and will love and care for your child no differently than if we adopted within our race. We do not like to say “love is color blind,” because we shouldn’t pretend everyone is the same. Rather, we believe love does not discriminate. Love is what the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 says it is: patient, kind, not envious, thinks the best of people, isn’t proud, is selfless and honoring to others, it isn’t easily angered and doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. It rejoices in truth. Love protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres. Love never fails.

We promise to show this same love to your child.


Our Promise to You

We promise that we will always be there for your child, to emotionally support them, to be a listening ear and to love them.

We promise that your baby will grow up being loved and knowing that we will be there for them through thick and thin.

We promise to provide every comfort and support to your child, as we have done and will continue to do with Eva and Jaxson.

We promise your child will grow up in a family that is warm, nurturing, and in a safe environment where your child will be able to thrive in.

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  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Contact Frederick and Mary-Alice

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!