Birth Parent Scams and Disruptions – Adoption Danger #1

Unfortunately, Birth Parent scams and disruptions are a reality of adoption.  Birth Parent scams involve those whose intent is to take money from desperate, hopeful Adopting Parents.  Disruptions occur when a Birth Mother ultimately decides to keep her baby after having selected Adopting Parents or if there is an unforeseen health issue arising with the baby.

Some Birth Parents engage in the adoption process for financial gain with no intention of ever creating an adoption plan.  Some will even go to the extreme of promising to place with several Adopting Parents and receive money for medical bills, rent, food, clothes and other necessities from all.  Some Birth Parents genuinely plan to place, but without guidance and support, struggle with the final decision.  Whatever the circumstances may be, it can be easy for hopeful Adopting Parents to suffer the heartbreak because they cannot help but lack objectivity or are not sensitive to cues that reveal dishonest Birth Parent intentions.

Birth Parents who are looking to scam hopeful Adopting Parents are more likely to target those who are not represented by a professional adoption entity.  Highly experienced and trained adoption professionals such as Adoption Network Law Center can help to screen backgrounds, identify and evaluate subtle Birth Mother behaviors and help prospective Adopting Parents so they are not caught off guard and do not exhaust their finances on a false adoption.

Reputable adoption professionals will also focus on building a trusting relationship with their Birth Parents and helping to foster a trusting relationship between the Birth Parents and Adopting Parents.  This type of relationship helps identify a Birth Mother’s needs and her commitment level to her adoption plan.  Adoption Network Law Center’s Birth Mothers also have access to unique peer mentoring support from Birth Mothers who have already traveled their own adoption journeys.  This unique support system helps Birth Mothers go through their own adoption journeys and helps them with healing after placement.

While there is no way to guarantee against a Birth Parent scam or a disruption, the support of the right adoption entity can make all of the difference.  At ANLC, in the event that a scam or disruption does occur, ANLC will continue to provide services to their Adopting Parents at no additional cost and there are circumstances where ANLC will provide a reimbursement of certain costs paid by the hopeful Adopting Parents.  ANLC stands by its commitment to provide every Adopting Family with services until a successful adoption is achieved.

Written by Jason Granillo

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