Adoption Network Professional Reviews

"Please know that it is a pleasure dealing with you and your staff - I tell all my clients about you and the integrity and professionalism I see from your firm. I continue to look forward to working with you."
Deborah L. Lesko, Esquire
The Law And Mediation Offices Of Deborah L. Lesko, P.C.
Pittsburgh, PA
"As a licensed California adoption agency, in business since 1979, we have had the honor of working collaboratively with Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC) for many years and through many placements. Our agency has always found ANLC to be professional and personal with a strong tone of compassion and competency. Their legal team is superb and our agency has found their ability to navigate any legal challenges to be top notch!"
The Family Network
"Our law firm has enjoyed our working relationship with Adoption Network Law Center over the past several years. We have found ANLC to be very professional and thorough when working with prospective adoptive parents and birth parents. The staff and attorneys at ANLC are courteous and very knowledgeable with regard to all aspects of the adoption process. We look forward to working with ANLC for many years to come."
Aubuchon, Buescher, & Goodale, Union
"Our clients have had tremendous success with Adoption Network Law Center, and the phenomenal reach of their services throughout the country. Through their comprehensive birth parent screening and the vast experience they bring to the adoption arena, Adoption Network Law Center is a leader in the adoption field. They are just terrific in connecting birth parents with waiting adoptive parents and creating families."
Jeanne T. Tate, Agency Attorney
Heart of Adoptions, Inc.
"I have represented both biological and adoptive families referred by ANLC for more than ten years. My communication with ANLC is usually through the Adoption Advisor assigned to each case. I have always been impressed by the Advisors' competency, patience, and good nature, even in times of crisis. I also know that I can reach the Advisor in the evening or on weekends, in case of emergency. If I wanted to form a family through adoption, I would not hesitate to retain the services of ANLC."
Mark Eckman
Virginia and Washington, DC attorney
"Hope 4 Kids Agency has worked with Adoption Network Law Center since 2003 and found them to be motivated and a driven part of the adoption community. They are dedicated to clients and Birth Mothers in all aspects of the adoption process. Hope 4 Kids Agency has seen thousands of satisfied clients in both birth mothers and adoptive families."
Hope 4 Kids Agency
California Foster Care and Adoption
"ANLC'S dedicated and knowledgeable staff guide the adoption process with integrity and compassion. Their work is never done until the case is closed and sometimes longer. Always a pleasure to work with ANLC."
Stuart Stacks, Esq.
"I have worked with ANLC since 2008 and have been blessed to help birth parents in a difficult situation choose adoption as a wonderful option for their children. Being an adoptive parent myself, I understand the emotions and challenges that adoptive parents face. ANLC truly has the best interests of birth and adoptive parents in mind and is respectful of individual concerns. Helping a child become part of a forever family is a rewarding job that takes planning, kindness, understanding, patience and tenacity. These are qualities that ANLC strives to achieve with every case."
Linda Shaughnessy, Esq.
"Many clients seeking to adopt are confronted with an agonizing wait that can last years. In my experience, Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC) addresses this concern in a prompt, effective, and professional manner. I regularly find that adoptive parents who choose to work with ANLC see waiting times for an appropriate match and prospective placement dramatically reduced.
Because ANLC works with adoptive parents and birth parents throughout the country, I have been pleased to see ANLC make referrals to qualified professionals in each state. Since the community of experienced adoption professionals nationwide is limited, ANLC's network of valuable relationships with these professionals assures clients of competent representation. Cases that are referred to me from ANLC are well prepared and supported by ANLC's knowledgeable and caring staff.
Having worked in the adoption field for more than thirty years, both representing adoption agencies and as an independent attorney working with both adoptive parents and birth parents, I do not hesitate to recommend to my clients the services of ANLC."
Herbert A. Brail, Esq.
"I have been blessed to have a great working relationship with those at ANLC. I have not worked with a more caring group of adoption professionals. We collaborate about the issues that make adoptions a thrilling and often stressful ride. This collaboration, our mutual competence, and the high level of caring for the prospective adoptive parents are the ingredients that help our clients appreciate the experience."
Todd Gaudin, Esq.
"Little Flower Adoptions, a Texas licensed child-placing agency, has been working in the field of adoption for nearly 15 years. Over that period of time, we have worked with countless other adoption professionals from around the country. Adoption Network Law Center is without a doubt the most efficient, well-established, and successful group of adoption professionals in the country; but more importantly, they always apply an ethical framework to every placement, balancing the needs of the birth parent and the expectations of the adoptive parents with the best interest of every child."
Little Flower Adoptions
"I have worked with Adoption Network Law Center for more than 10 years. My experience with ANLC, both in representing birth mothers and adoptive parents who reside in Georgia, has always been positive. I am impressed with the caseworkers' ability to balance the needs of the birth parents while providing support for the adoptive parents."
Rhonda L. Fishbein, Attorney at Law
These reviews are from adoption profesionals working with Adoption Network Law Center.