Amy and Rob

Dear ANLC,

Our son Miles is now 9 months old. It’s hard to believe that this time last year, we got the call from our Advisor at ANLC letting us know Miles’ birth mother had chosen us! We want to thank our Advisor, our Consultant, and the ANLC family for their help in introducing our beautiful baby boy into our lives!

Our journey to Miles was not a short one. After infertility treatments, miscarriages, and a dossier submitted to China (we’re still waiting), we landed at ANLC’s doorstep in the summer of 2010. We were living in Japan at the time, and other entities had told us our overseas status might make it difficult to match us with a birth mother. In our first phone interview with our Consultant at ANLC, she assured us that ANLC had had success working with families living abroad. We signed on, and six short weeks after being live on the site, we were presented with an adoption opportunity with a birth mother whose baby was due in May. Sadly for us, weeks out from the baby’s due date, the birth mother changed her mind. We were devastated, but decided to give it another shot.

We waited for what seemed like an eternity, but, in reality, it was just four short months. I still remember the day our adoption advisor, contacted us about Miles’ birth mother: it was August 5, and we were waiting out a typhoon in Okinawa, Japan. We were so excited, but also skittish after the last time. Our Advisor held our hand through the entire process. On November 16, Miles was born. We caught a plane (luckily, we had moved back to the States, so it was only a cross-country flight, and not a trans-Pacific flight), and held our sweet baby boy for the first time the following morning.

We cannot say enough about the encouragement and support that ANLC, and our Advisor in particular, provided us throughout this journey. There were moments along the way, when I think we might have given up without her support and insight.

Every morning, when I go to take Miles out of his crib, I think how lucky I am to be his mom and how happy I am that we waited for him! Thank you, ANLC, for helping us on our journey to become a family.

Written by Jason Granillo

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