Anson, Venessa and little Kaden

Dear Waiting Parents,

We heard about ANLC through a couple who had just adopted a baby through them. She told me that ANLC was wonderful and had walked them through each step and she was SO right. We set up a phone appointment and were extremely impressed. It seemed we had so many questions and every one was answered by a caring staff member.

We completed our home study, etc. and were soon posted online. A month and a half later we got the phone call. I will never forget that moment! We were told that our baby was almost here, and we were miles away! We were not expecting a call with a baby about to be born and were not prepared with many “baby” things, so we made a hurried trip to a few department stores for the necessary supplies and were soon on the road. We were so excited we could hardly think straight!

We arrived in Wisconsin the next afternoon and met with our wonderful social worker for an hour of paperwork and then just us two went to the hospital. It was a dream come true when we saw our little boy, Kaden, for the first time. He was absolutely adorable and we loved him the minute we laid eyes on him. Tears of joy streamed down our faces. He was our gift from Heaven. Since he was a “baby born” situation we had to stay in the state for two weeks and again ANLC helped where they could. We did not meet the Birth Parents then, but we met them a month later, on court day. We fell in love with them immediately and we think they are the most wonderful Birth Parents anyone could ever ask for! We still keep in contact through email and pictures.

Kaden has made us happier than we ever thought possible and we thank God every day for our little miracle. We again want to thank ANLC for making this miracle possible and we look forward to using them again as Kaden will someday need a playmate J.

Our love and thanks

Written by Jason Granillo

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