Each of our adoptions were met with different experiences, challenges, and heart warming experiences that helped us know that we each have a plan that is greater than us. When we came to ANLC we had already successfully adopted once through a private situation. The second time after a year of trying on our own and working with other programs, we found ourselves still wondering where this missing piece to our family was. We were grateful that ANLC matched our readiness to push forward and be up and available through them in a short time. We felt such an urgency to do so that we were up in just a few weeks after meeting with ANLC and then they created a miracle. We were chosen by an amazing birth mother in 2 weeks. We are about to celebrate the 1st birthday of our dear E and are hearts are full as we loook over this last year. Not only did we gain a daughter, we have an amazing birth family in our lives that are truly an extension of our family. We are so thankful for ANLC making us feel a part of their family as they helped us grow ours. They were always just a phone call away as they helped us navigate the time as we anxiously awaited the birth. Whenever we had concerns, it was met without judgement and a desire to help them resolve. We love the women that helped us and thank them for their countless hours!

Written by Jason Granillo

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