When my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt, we were looking for someone who would provide a positive personal experience. After researching, we chose to start the process with one of our local agencies. Even though the agency was in our home town, we would learn that they were not what we had expected. They did not return our calls and failed to support us when we had questions or concerns. I was devastated. We had spent a lot of time and money with them. In my heart, I knew there was a child out there that was meant to be in our family. I was so nervous to look at other places across the nation. If I couldn’t get the help and support locally, how could I ever expect it from someone in another state? From the moment I spoke with Betsy, she instantly calmed my nerves. She took the time to explain and answer my questions. Never once did I feel pressured. Each time I spoke with her, I became more sure of the decision we were about to make. After speaking with Kris, we took the leap with ANLC and it was the best decision we ever made. With each step, I felt like someone was right beside me holding my hand. My phone calls were quickly returned, my questions were answered, and everyone was always positive and reassuring. In less than a month we were preparing to bring a baby home. After a couple weeks, we learned that child would not be coming home to us. Even though we had hit a hurdle, I still had faith. Never would I have imagined that 2 days later our lives would change. We received a call early in the morning that our little girl was already born. Even though we were flying across the nation, I felt like Mary, our adoption adviser, was with us. She made sure everything was arranged for us when we showed up. She made sure there was someone at the hospital to help us. She checked in with us frequently to make sure everything was going well. Not only were we supported, ANLC made sure that our daughter’s birth mother had the support she needed as well. We have a wonderful open adoption. Our little girl is the light of our lives. I thank God each day for bringing us to you. THANK YOU ALL for everything! Because of you, Miracles do happen.

Meghan and Dave

Written by Jason Granillo

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