Understanding Adoption Expenses

The total fees for an adoption are comprised of multiple elements.  Because every adoption is unique, the fees will vary.  It is important to be aware of all the costs related to an adoption and you must make sure that the entities you compare are quoting all of the fees that are involved, not just their service fees.Adoption costs may include: adoption professionals’ service fees, marketing expenses to secure a Birth Mother, home study fees, Birth Mother expenses, legal fees and travel expenses.Adopting can be a significant financial commitment and Adoption Network Law Center can assist hopeful Adopting Parents obtain financing for their adoptions.  ANLC’s clients have benefited from its financing programs which include signature loans that may cover up to 100% of a client’s adoption costs and real estate secured loans with none of the costs traditionally associated with such loans.ANLC also suggests that hopeful Adopting Clients look to other available resources if they are looking to secure funds for their adoption.  All Adopting Parents should consult their tax professionals to discuss available federal and state tax credits/benefits.  They should also look to see what their employer and/or military adoption benefits are.  Various organizations also offer adoption grants based on factors such as need, religion, location or type of adoption which Adopting Parents might quality for.  Some Adopting Families also get unique with their own personal fundraising efforts in their community or through crowd funding.Understanding adoption costs can seem overwhelming but make sure your adoption professional walks you through the process so you begin your adoption journey fully prepared.

Written by Jason Granillo

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