What will ANLC do for you?

When choosing your adoption professional...
There are many choices when it comes to hiring an adoption professional to help you pursue private adoption. You want to find a company that will meet your adoption needs, give you an honest and full explanation of its services, and leave you with a sense of confidence that they have your best interests in mind. Only armed with a complete understanding of what the organization does will you be able to make an informed decision on which entity to partner with on your adoption journey.
What is Adoption Network Law Center?
Adoption Network Law Center is a registered and licensed law corporation in the state of California. ANLC is neither an adoption agency nor an adoption facilitator. ANLC is accountable to the strict standards of the California State Bar and its regulation of attorneys’ professional conduct.
With a passionate team who believes in adoption as a beautiful way of building families, ANLC is known for its comprehensive services that respect and honor a Birth Mother's gift of life. Our clients are prospective Adopting Parents like you. As a law corporation, ANLC has an obligation to advance and protect the interest of every client. ANLC attorneys provide oversight and work with our network of attorneys and agencies throughout the US to put together the most legally sound adoption plan.
ANLC is headed by experienced attorneys who will give you and your adoption plan legal oversight and are readily available to make sure the adoption process goes as smooth as possible, mitigating any risks along the way. In addition, you will have an entire ANLC team at your service during your adoption journey: an Adoption Consultant who explains the process and answers your questions and concerns on your path to a successful adoption; a Media Coordinator to help develop an impactful profile which showcases your family to searching Birth Mothers; a Client Service Liaison who helps educate and support you during your wait; and an Adoption Advisor who guides you and your Birth Mother step by step until you become a family.
ANLC’s Legal Department will also be involved as needed during the post-placement period to assist with insurance letters, FMLA letters, birth certificates, IRS letters and general finalization questions.
What does ANLC do?
ANLC's services include the following:
  • Building a Solid Foundation
    Building a solid foundation
    • We explain the private, domestic adoption process and give you a sense of what to reasonably expect on your journey.
    • Our Adoption Consultants assess your adoption objectives, expectations, perspectives and preferences, collaboratively designing the framework in which you will be found by searching Birth Mothers
    • You will be given the opportunity to speak directly with one of ANLC's attorneys in order to ask questions and evaluate whether we are the right fit for one another before any agreement is signed.
    • This is the time we make sure that every prospective client understands the emotional and financial realities of adoption and how ANLC will guide them through the adoption process.
  • Using Effective Marketing So That Your Birth Mother Will Find You
    Using effective marketing
    • ANLC’s Media Team is made up of highly skilled writers, editors and photo editors who are passionate about adoption as well as design.
    • Your assigned Media Coordinator will work with you as you collect and take photos that show who you are and what life is like in your home. They will coach you during the writing process to ensure that your words to the Birth Mother are friendly, genuine and work with the photos to complete a full picture of who you are and why you will be the right family to welcome her child.
    • Your Media Coordinator will be available to you throughout your adoption journey to update and amend your profiles as necessary.
    • We publish your profiles on major national websites, each designed to appeal to a different demographic of women who are considering adoption.
    • Our outreach programs to physicians, hospitals, schools, churches, and pregnancy resource centers educate Birth Mothers and encourage them to consider adoption.
    • We actively support Birth Mother services and organizations in order to promote adoption advocacy and strengthen our adoptions.
    • ANLC promotes your marketing profiles to Birth Mothers whose adoption preferences are similar to yours.
  • Providing Guidance, Education, and Readiness Preparation
    • After your professional profile has launched and while you wait for your Birth Mother to choose you, your Client Services Liaison will be your main point of contact, offering constant support and guidance.
    • ANLC’s Client Services Liaison Team is an experienced and dedicated group of women who are passionate about building families. They have seen hundreds of families formed through the miracle of adoption and are available to you at any time if you have questions or concerns during your waiting phase.
    • Your Client Liaison will check-in regularly, getting to know your family and your adoption preferences, and go over any information concerning your case file.
    • As your eyes and ears during your waiting period, your Client Services Liaison will be able to discuss your Home Study with you and see if there are any discrepancies between it and your ANLC stated preferences. She will also offer advice on your marketing materials and suggest when a “refresh” of your profiles are in order. She can also discuss any changes in your preferences or lifestyle that might affect your adoption.
    • Client Liaisons will also help you with your emotional readiness to say "yes" to an adoption opportunity.
    • Your Client Liaison is also your advocate and communicates with the ANLC Advisor Team about adoption opportunities that would be right for you.
  • Working For You Even Before You Realize A Birth Mother Has Chosen You
    • Our Birth Mother Specialists remain available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to speak with women considering creating an adoption plan.
    • ANLC evaluates each Birth Mother’s profile including her analytical and emotional views regarding adoption, her ethnic background, social history, the type of relationship desired with the Adopting Parents, and her pregnancy-related financial needs.
    • Adoption Advisors direct and assist Birth Mothers to have a physical evaluation, complete a drug and alcohol screening, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases testing, and thorough obstetrical and ultrasound examinations, when possible and in accordance with state law.
    • Our team assists the Birth Mother in applying for state medical insurance if needed, and secures professional counseling or a peer mentor’s support if the Birth Mother wishes for this assistance.
    • Throughout the pregnancy, we continue to support and aid the Birth Mother regarding her options and the availability of community resources during and after the adoption process.
    • Our Medical Records Specialist, with a medical release from the Birth Mother and where possible in accordance with state law, obtains medical and statistical information on Birth Mothers, including proof of pregnancy, and a health history.
    • Once a Birth Mother chooses you as the prospective Adopting Parents, ANLC analyzes the alignment of her and your adoption preferences as well as the legal requirements, compliance measures and applicable state laws to determine a structured, stable and appropriate legal pathway for the adoption plan. This behind-the-scenes work is done to present to you an adoption opportunity that is legally sound.
  • Letting You Know - You’ve Been Chosen!
    You've been chosen
    • With as many details as possible, and with the Birth Mother’s hopes in our hands, an Adoption Advisor will call you to present the adoption opportunity. This call includes a review of the Birth Parents’ relevant information and clarifies the details of an adoption plan including Birth Parent termination, allowable Birth Mother living expenses and other legal requirements.
    • After you have accepted the adoption opportunity, your Adoption Advisor will arrange an introduction phone call between you and your Birth Mother and will continue to guide you regarding your ongoing relationship with your Birth Mother throughout the adoption process.
    • Our staff will manage the adoption plan throughout the pregnancy, including liaising between you and your Birth Mother, communicating significant developments and sharing the most current information received from medical resources, including records, regarding the health of the Birth Mother and baby, unless a specific state law disallows this role.
    • We will arrange for the Birth Mother’s housing, food, and other pregnancy-related needs when possible, in accordance with state law and through an established trust account.
    • An adoption requires significant coordination between all entities of the legal pathway, and ANLC will manage the flow of information, the execution of needed documents and all the necessary details involved in order to protect the integrity of the adoption plan.
      *Please note: For the legal completion of any adoption, you will separately retain the appropriate legal entity(ies) in your state and the Birth Mother’s state for necessary representation
What will ANLC do for you? We promise to guide you through the adoption process, market you to searching Birth Mothers, support these brave women with their adoption needs, coordinate the entities of the legal pathway and offer you the security that comes from legal oversight and direction.
We can’t wait to help you say, “Welcome home, baby!”

Our GIFT To You

Adoption Network Law Center sets itself apart from all other adoption entities by implementing our top priority of providing the greatest care and support throughout the entire adoption journey in helping provide families with the ultimate GIFT of life.
When it comes to your adoption journey, whether you’re a Birth Parent or an Adopting Parent, the ANLC family will hold your hand throughout every step of your adoption process.
We promise to provide you with an adoption process with the utmost:
  • Guidance
  • Integrity
  • Faith
  • Truth
HOW we can assure this has everything to do with WHY we do what we do: the ANLC family takes pride in making other Families’ dreams of being parents come true! Our founders and many of our team members have experienced the adoption process themselves (as Adoptive Parents, Birth Parents, and adoptees). Through their passion and dedication to helping those just like them, ANLC prides itself on sharing the same beliefs and goals as you: to provide Guidance, Integrity, Faith & Trust to your adoption process through the ultimate GIFT of life.