adoption search

There are many reasons for reunion in adoption.

  • Adoptees looking for their birth parents
  • Birth parents looking for children they placed for adoption
  • Adoptive parent looking for their child’s birth parents
  • Adoptees looking for siblings
  • Extended birth or adoptive family (siblings, grandparents, etc) looking for family members

Some seek a reunion to gather information, others for reassurance that a child or parent is doing well, many to meet biological family face-to-face, and all to get answers. It is not unusual for siblings to seek out one another.

Deciding to pursue a reunion is an exciting step in a person’s personal development and should not be entered into casually. Explore your hopes and motivations and set a realistic time line prior to starting a search. Searches and reunions can be filled with emotional ups and downs and should not be started without exploration of the possible outcomes. There are many happy adoption reunion stories but there are also ones that end with disappointment and those that end without resolution.

Because there are challenges in the process, it is advisable to establish a network for support and receive suggestions from others who have already reunited with birth parents or family members. You may want to consider hiring an adoption savvy professional to assist you or to make the initial introduction. Most importantly, explore why you are choosing to proceed with your search at this time and be prepared to adjust your expectations, and for all outcomes.

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