John and Mary

Married Since: 2010

Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: Part-Time

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: No

Throughout this journey, we are committed to honoring the choice you make, and would be forever grateful for your gift. In whatever choice you make, we wish you the peace of knowing it is the right one for you and your child.

John and Mary

from New Hampshire


Ancestry: German, Irish, French

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Principal Software Engineer

Education: M.S.

Hobbies: Mountaineering, Kayaking, Fishing, Golf


Ancestry: Irish

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Professor

Education: Ph.D.

Hobbies: Hiking, Kayaking, Reading, Gardening


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: Caucasian

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Catholic


Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to read about us as you work towards making your decision. We admire your courage and faith in seeking the best path for you and your child.

We are a loving couple who have been married for ten years. We both come from big, close-knit families, and we value family life. You can be assured that we will always give your child unconditional love and support, and that your child’s happiness and well-being would be the most important priority in our lives. Your child will also be warmly embraced by our extended families, and you can take comfort in knowing that your child will have many loving aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

Please also know that we have the stability and resources to provide your child with a safe home, excellent education, and many opportunities to thrive. Our home is in a family-friendly neighborhood, and our town has excellent schools. We live in an ideal location for all the activities that we love and would love to share with a child. With ocean, mountains, and city all nearby, we get to enjoy hiking, fishing, and kayaking just as much as theater, museums, and our favorite sports teams. Often on weekends or holidays, we like to go to our vacation home in the mountains. Sometimes we bring family and friends with us; other times, it’s just us, our dog Charlie, and our favorite books.

Books would be very much a part of your child’s life with us. We both love to read, and believe that it is an important part of growing, learning, and developing a healthy imagination. We would provide a home where your child can not only dream, but can also be confident and inspired in pursuing those dreams.

Throughout this journey, we are committed to honoring the choice you make, and would be forever grateful for your gift. In whatever choice you make, we wish you the peace of knowing it is the right one for you and your child.

John and Mary


Tell us about your home and neighborhood

We live in a 3-bedroom ranch house, with an enclosed back yard and an in-ground pool. Having a closed-in yard is great for us because we can let our dog run around as much as he likes. We love hanging out in the yard, grilling and swimming with friends and family, or just our dog and ourselves, swinging on the hammock. Our yard has lots of perennial plants, and we do a big vegetable garden every summer. We both love to read and our home has tons of books; our decorations are mostly family pictures and pictures from places we have travelled. We live in a quiet neighborhood that has a mix of old and young families, and lots of dogs. We also have a second home, a vacation home in the mountains. It is located about 2 hours away from our main home, in an area that is great for all-season outdoor activities, and we head up there every couple of weeks.

When you have a 3-day weekend, what you like to do?

We like to get outdoors as much as possible. We will either go to our vacation house in the mountains, where we like to do things like kayaking, hiking, and snowshoeing, or stay at home and have people over for dinner or grilling in the yard, and watching a game in football season. No matter where we are, we love taking Charlie, our beagle, on extra-long walks. We like to have date nights and go out to dinner and the movies; and we also like to each have a little alone time, during which John might go fishing or climbing and Mary would curl up with a good novel or work on her own writing.

Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them.

Yes - we have a six-year old beagle named Charlie, aka Charles Leroy Brown. Even though he’s six years old, he is still very much like a puppy and gets into lots of fun and mischief. He is super cute, sweet, friendly, and playful. He’s a big part of our family, and we love to take him on hikes and beach trips. He is very curious and determined, and tries to eat everything, food or not, and he keeps us on our toes. He also keeps us smiling and laughing.

What do you hope to teach your child(ren)?

We hope to teach him or her how to be kind, respectful, and compassionate, to live life with an open heart and open mind, to be adventurous and accepting. We believe in the importance of family, responsibility, and gratitude, and we hope to teach those same values to our child. We would especially want to teach them how loved they are, and how to grow into a loving and caring individual.

Describe your last vacation and/or daytrip.

Our last vacation was to the coast and was wonderful! We really lucked out and had great weather all week! We got to do lots of biking, hiking, and swimming—and John caught a fish! We went to a different beach each day, and really enjoyed the natural beauty of the island. We stayed in a quiet inn, with no television or phones, and were just happy to be together. It was fun and relaxing—just an awesome get-away!

When you close your eyes and see yourself holding your precious baby in your arms, what are your thoughts regarding his or her birth mother?

We would be filled with respect and gratitude, so thankful that the birth mother saw something in us and believed we were the right people to raise her baby. We would always be committed to making sure she knows she made a good decision.

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