Thomas and Shelley

Married Since: 2015

Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: Part-Time

Other Adopted Children at Home: Yes

Other Biological Children at Home: No

We promise to provide your child with a home that is full of love, joy, adventure, and security. We also promise that your son or daughter will grow up hearing about tremendous love, caring, kindness, and struggle that went into your choice.

Thomas and Shelley

from Pennsylvania


Ancestry: Irish, German, French

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Professor

Education: MFA

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Art, Hiking, Paddleboarding, Camping, Travel, Running


Ancestry: German, English

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Pediatric Psychologist

Education: Ph.D.

Hobbies: Running, Camping, Travel, Hiking, Reading, Piano, Paddleboarding


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: African American, African American / Asian, African American / Caucasian, African American / Hispanic, Biracial (African American + any other), Hispanic / Pacific Islander

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Christian


Dear expectant mother,

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and to learn more about our family. We admire your bravery and compassion in considering adoption for your child. If you choose our family as a match for your baby, we promise to provide your child with a home that is full of love, joy, adventure, and security. We also promise that your son or daughter will grow up hearing about tremendous love, caring, kindness, and struggle that went into your choice.

Children and family have always been top priorities in our lives. We have both worked closely with children and families for many years (Shelley as a child psychologist and Tom as an art teacher) and have always dreamed of becoming parents. After healing from the news that we could not have biological children, we quickly realized that adoption was the right path for us. We were blessed to be selected as parents for our son Hudson, who recently turned three. Parenting Hudson has been the most joyful time of our lives. We are so grateful for every moment we spend with him and are amazed at how much love and wonder parenting has brought to our lives. We are very excited to welcome a second child into our home to complete the family. Hudson will be a loving, fun, and protective big brother. He loves spending time with other children and will be a great helper to the new baby. We maintain regular contact with Hudson’s birth mother and enjoy our yearly visits with his family. Maintaining this contact is a high priority for us.

Family, friends, and tradition are a huge part of our lives. Our parents have been married for 40+ years and provided wonderful examples of marriage and family life. Our families live nearby and our holiday traditions (cookie baking, church, Christmas tree farms, Easter egg hunts, trick-or-treat, corn mazes) with grandparents and cousins are a huge part of our lives. We love going to family reunions at the beach each summer, taking family vacations (mostly recently to Ireland & Disney) and spending time at the cabin throughout the year. Children are the center of our family and they are surrounded by love, laughter, and warmth. It is wonderful to see how our families have surrounded Hudson with love and support and they are very excited to do the same for his future sibling. Hudson’s grandparents visit at least once a week and the cousins love coming to our house for sleepovers. We are also lucky to have a close group of friends in our town who are unofficial aunts and uncles and always around for big events. If you chose our family, your child’s life would be rich with love and support.

People who know us well would say we are always happy, laughing, and having fun. We both look on the bright side of life and make the best of any situation. Our marriage and home are full of fun, kindness, and joy. We love spending quality time at home playing board games, reading, cooking together, having movie nights by the fireplace, or just relaxing in the backyard. Nature and health are important to us. We love going for family walks and runs along the river and through the woods near our town. This past summer we started every Saturday morning with a morning walk in nearby state parks and hope to keep that practice going. Spending time on the river near our home with paddleboards or tubes is a favorite summer activity and we plan to raise our children with a similar love of nature. Our home is a meeting place for family and friends and our doors are always open to others. We love to host BBQs and game nights for friends and family.

We believe in enjoying every moment and taking time to appreciate people and simple gifts in life. We want to raise children who practice kindness, gratitude, stand for justice, and contribute to the world through their gifts and talents. If you feel our family is the right match for your child, we promise to do everything within our power to raise him or her with tremendous love and to prepare them well for life’s blessings and challenges.

Thank you again for taking some time to learn more about our family. We admire you and send you peace and hope during this difficult decision process.

Sincerely and with gratitude,
Tom, Shelley, and Huddy


Tell us about your home and neighborhood.

We recently moved to a wonderful home in a friendly and welcoming neighborhood. Our new home has plenty of room to complete our family and the kids will have two playrooms, a big backyard, and plenty of trees to climb. There are lots of young kids and families in our new neighborhood and the kids can walk easily from yard to yard to play outside. In the winter, all the kids who live nearby sled and make snowmen at the nearby golf course. We are a short drive from the main street of our town. The town we live in has a university and many cultural opportunities for local kids and families. Our town is safe, values diversity, and hosts events like arts festivals, outdoor family movies, protests/rallies, and concerts in the park. We keep a garden in the backyard and love having friends and family over for picnics, dinners, and weekend visits. We have a close group of friends who live nearby and are all starting families. Hudson’s cousins live less than two minutes away and come over to spend time with him regularly. Spending cozy time at home as a family is one of our favorite things.

When you have a 3-day weekend, what you like to do?

Weekends are a very happy time in our home. Taking time to enjoy our family and friends is a top priority on the weekends. We love to spend time playing in the yard, reading books, and going on hikes with our son and dog. Weekends always include meeting with up with extended family or friends for dinner, visiting at home, game nights, or having our niece and nephew over for a slumber party. We take at least one weekend trip a month and enjoy visiting new places to see loved ones, visit art galleries, or just being in nature.

Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them.

Our dog “Tux” (Tuxedo) is a 12-year-old border collie mix. He is a quiet dog who loves to run and play. He sticks close to the family and enjoys children. When we show up at friend’s homes the kids always want to know if Tux came along to visit. Tux has a great relationship with our three year old son, Hudson, and guards his bedroom door during naptime.

What do you hope to teach your child(ren)?

We want to teach our child the lessons our families have handed down to us: 1. Love and kindness to other people 2. Enjoying a life of fun and laughter 3. Self-confidence and self-respect 4. Doing your part to make the world a better place

What will you tell your child about his or her birthmom?

We want to raise our children to appreciate their birth moms as a very important part of the family. Helping our children to understand the love of their birth moms and brave gift of adoption is very important to us. Hudson’s birth mom is an important person in our lives.

Are you active in your church? Tell us about your activities.

We attended a local UCC church within walking distance of our previous home. Our church believes strongly in equal rights, caring for marginalized groups, and having open doors to all people. We want to raise our children around people who fight for the rights of others and our church family fully supports this mission. We are excited to test churches in our new town and find a church family with similar values.

How will a child enrich your life?

Children are our favorite people. They bring joy, kindness, fun, laugher, and optimism into everything they do. We look forward to sharing our love and values with children who can carry positive lessons and traditions into the world as adults. We have loved parenting our son even more than we even imagined. We cannot wait to complete our family by offering another child a happy and secure home and a wonderful big brother. Hudson is 3 years old now and able to do a lot of things independently and we feel it is the perfect time to complete the family.

Describe your last vacation and/or daytrip.

Making memories as a family is very important to us. We travel once a year to a family reunion at the beach and rent three houses with 40 other family members. Family reunion is made even more exciting because we visit Hudson’s birth mom on our way to the event. Last year, we went on a family trip to Disney and Hudson loved spending time with his grandparents and big cousins. We also took Hudson along on a work trip to Ireland with his grandparents. He’s done more traveling in his first three years than we ever did as kids and he loves to see new places. We cannot wait to get back to exploring again soon.

When you close your eyes and see yourself holding your precious baby in your arms, what are your thoughts regarding his or her birth mother?

We would feel great love and gratitude for her kindness, bravery, and strength.

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