Adam and Youseffi

Married Since: 2008

Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: No

Other Adopted Children at Home: Yes

Other Biological Children at Home: No

We will provide your child with love, affection, and support. We promise to raise your child with respect, confidence, and faith. We will be open with your child and teach them that their birth mother was someone special and that our family is blessed because of you.

Adam and Youseffi

from Texas


Ancestry: British

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Engineer

Education: B.S.

Hobbies: Fitness, Hiking, Reading, Time with family


Ancestry: Spanish

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Chemist

Education: B.S.

Hobbies: Walking dog, Hiking, Visiting national parks, Outdoor games, Cooking


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: Caucasian, Caucasian / Hispanic

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Catholic


Hello, we are Adam, Youseffi and Ashton,

Our adventure started in Venezuela where we met. We’ve been happily married for 12 years and have tried to have a child of our own for the last eleven years with no luck. When we realized we had trouble trying naturally, we tried with medical help without success. Our hearts are at peace with our situation and we were filled with hope and joy six years ago when we adopted our son Ashton. Now that six years have passed, our hearts are longing for a new little bundle of joy and our son Ashton has been asking for a baby brother or sister for the past two years; he is great with babies. We know that through this process we will be parents again, hopefully with the blessing of your child.

We live in Texas, in a well-established neighborhood, and our home is within walking distance to our church. The neighborhood has plenty of younger families with kids and all our neighbors are nice and friendly.

In our home, we have Adam, Ashton, Youseffi, and Taz. Taz is our dog; he is really sweet, a little hyper, and loves everyone (including kids). We adopted him when he was 4 months old and he has been our little knucklehead ever since.

Adam likes to work out and keeps himself pretty active. He participated in a 265 mile canoe race with a good friend. It took 3 days to complete and they placed first. He is very professional and well respected in his work environment and is a loving and respectful guy who makes me laugh. Wherever we go, children seem to find him and want to play with him; he will be acting like one of the kids before you know it.

Youseffi has always wanted to be a mother. In most of the pictures we have of her from her childhood, she is typically carrying someone’s baby. It has always been her dream to have children. Youseffi is always on the go, cooking, cleaning, playing with Ashton and Taz, or coordinating a play adventure with the kids on the street.

We are pretty active in our church community and participate in different charities. We like traveling, being outdoors, hiking, and being silly with each other just to make each other laugh. We are pretty busy, so sometimes, we just get comfortable and relax by going to the movies or spending a few hours together being couch potatoes watching our favorite TV shows. Taz, likes this because he gets to crawl on top of us to get some extra love. We also enjoy spending time with our extended families and friends who are extremely supportive and anticipating the arrival of our new family member.

We will provide your bundle of love, your gift of joy, with love, affection, and support. We promise to raise your child with respect, confidence, and faith. We will be open with your child and teach them that their birthmother was someone special and that our family is blessed because of you. Furthermore, we believe in education and will encourage good grades and college.

Thank you so much for choosing to read our profile and learn about us. It will mean the world to us and give us honor to be able to love and cherish your child with all our hearts. It will be our dream come true to give your newborn a happy, loving comfortable life.

Adam, Youseffi & Ashton


Tell us about your home and neighborhood.

We have a one-story home. It is approximately 2,200 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a formal sitting room, living room, and formal dining room converted into an office… Adam’s man-cave. The kitchen is spacious and open to the breakfast area and living room. The whole house has been updated and the kitchen and bathrooms remodeled, giving the home a contemporary but classic décor. We have medium-sized front and fenced-in back yards with several trees. Our home is located in a well-established, family-friendly neighborhood and most of our neighbors have children of various ages. We are within walking distance from our church, park, and the neighborhood swimming pool. Our location is very convenient and it’s close to everything we need; grocery stores, museums, the zoo, several malls and hospital.

When you have a 3-day weekend, what you like to do?

If we stay close to home, we like to go out to the zoo, parks, beach, or just outdoors with family and friends. If it is raining, then we will relax together, play board games or watch a movie. If we go out of town, we like visiting Grandpa in the countryside, spend some time with him and go fishing, and ride the four-wheeler. Sometimes we go visit nearby, touristy, family-friendly attractions.

Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them.

Yes, we have a medium-size male dog, brindle color. He is super friendly with kids. He's almost 8 years old., is super loving and still acts like a puppy. He likes playing outside and going for walks.

What do you hope to teach your child(ren)?

Love, respect, kindness for others, and faith. We will lead by example, encouraging him or her to grow up to be humble and selfless. Furthermore, we believe in education and will foster the idea of learning.

What will you tell your child about his or her birthmom?

As with our son, we will tell your child that a sweet angel gave us the grace and fortune of being parents and she wanted the best for her child. We are forever grateful.

Are you active in your church? Tell us about your activities.

Yes, we are Catholic and go to church regularly. We are pretty active in our church community and participate in different charities. We are part of our church's retreats team.

How will a child enrich your life?

Our hearts still have room for another child to love and care for. Our son has been asking for over two years for a sibling. We miss the little steps, the laugh.

Describe your last vacation and/or daytrip.

Last year we had a few great vacations. The last one we went on a cruise with Grandma, and enjoyed 7 days together with all food we could eat, which we enjoyed, and we looked forward to the entertainment every night. Our son had so much fun… We ransacked the whole ship the entire week. We do this every year and the most important part is that we are spending time together without any distractions.

Will you be returning to work? If so, describe your day-care plans.

I(Youseffi) will be stay home with your baby for the first 3 months and then he/or she will go to daycare. He or she will attend the same daycare that Ashton goes to. The school/daycare is awesome. They have plenty of activities and the teachers are loving and caring. They will both stay at this school until pre-k so they can stay with their friends.

When you close your eyes and see yourself holding your precious baby in your arms, what are your thoughts regarding his or her birth mother?

Thank you for being selfless and giving us the blessing of being parents again.

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