Adoption in one word

Adoption In One Word (hint… it’s love)

Whether you are considering adoption for your baby, thinking about building your family through adoption, have already placed your child for adoption or have adopted one or more children, you are familiar with all the words. You know all of these emotions, and may have even felt them through your process. The one prevailing word that weaves its way through all of them is love. If it wasn’t for love, none of the other emotions would exist.

Adoption is many things; it’s the definition of complex. Every emotion, hundreds of laws, lives changed forever… Infinitely complicated.



It’s a completely natural thing to nurture and care for a child, even if that child didn’t come from you. However, it’s not a natural thing to place your child in the arms of another to nurture and raise.

Natural / unnatural


Adoptive Mom: “The most beautiful feeling in the world was when I first saw my child and his birth mother handed him to me.”

Birth Mom: “It was the most painful moment in my life when I handed my baby to another mother”

Joy / heartbreak


Adoptive Mom: “The woman who made me a mother is the bravest soul I know.”

Birth Mom: “Placing my child for adoption was the scariest experience of my life.”

Brave / frightening


Birth Mom: “I am so proud of the child I created and the family I helped build”

Birth Mom: “I never talk about it – people don’t understand”



Adoptive Mom: My child’s birth mother will always be a part of our family

Birth Mom: I feel so alone



Adoptive Mom: “The love I feel for my child is indescribable.”

Birth Mom: “I will always love my child; until the day I die”


Written by Jason Granillo

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