Russia is currently closed for adoption by US citizens.
Prospective Adoptive Parents:
In December 2012, President Vladimir Putin signed into law Federal Law No. 272-FZ, which placed a ban on US citizens adopting Russian orphans. Entered into effect 30 days later, only Russian children whose adoptions had been finalized in a Russian court were transferred to the custody of their American parents. All others would remain in country. While the US Department of State advocated for all adoptions to proceed, to this day, Russia remains closed to Americans.
For Families Who Have Already Adopted:
In order for Russia to know children who have been adopted are adjusting well and thriving in their new homes, families are required to submit Post Placement Supervisory Reports for a 3 year period. Even with the ban on new adoptions, families are expected to meet their post adoption requirement.
If the agency who conducted your homestudy and/or assisted with the international adoption process can no longer help you, you may submit translated into Russian and prepared in accordance with Russian guidelines, reports prepared by a new post placement provider directly to:
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Department of State Policy for the Protection of Children’s Rights
51 Lysinovskaya St.
Moscow, 115998

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