ANLC has been the answer to our prayers. Danielle and the staff at ANLC have been absolutely wonderful. They were with us throughout the entire process; we never felt alone and always felt assured that our greatest dream would be realized. After my wife and I found out we were unable to conceive we were devastated. ANLC immediately embraced us and made us feel like their only mission in life was to help us realize our dream of having a child of our own to love, and boy did they deliver. In less than 12 months after registering with ANLC, I was in the hospital cutting the umbilical cord of our beautiful baby boy. I can’t express the joy we feel every time we look at our son and how grateful we are to ANLC for being “human”. Everyone at ANLC was so available and genuinely compassionate, even the contracted entities provided outstanding services and support. ANLC is absolutely the best and we will always be grateful to them for making our family complete.

Written by Jason Granillo

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