Adoption is no easy process on either side, and it demands a sensitivity to all of the emotions that can be felt – good and bad. ANLC has not only been very professional in the handling of all of the details of our adoption, but I admire the way they have cared for the birth mother and for us.

Our ‘call’ came a year after we experienced what we thought would be the adoption of a newborn, but the birth mother chose to parent her child. I applaud the fact they did not condemn the birth mother, and they were very supportive of us. During the year of waiting, they were diligent to keep in contact with us and encourage us.

At the moment we went to meet our children, I think the ANLC family was just as excited as we were! Our process to finalize our adoption has been a longer road than expected, but at every turn, ANLC has provided great wisdom, legal counsel, legal services and encouragement. ANLC has been a champion for our family, and has invested their time, energy and efforts into seeing that our children are able to be raised in a family that loves them and wants to provide a way for them to succeed in life.

I am very thankful we made the choice to use ANLC.

Written by Jason Granillo

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