Emilio & Carmen

To all the Wonderful Staff form Adoption Network Law Center

There are no words that can describe how grateful we are with each one of you!!!

After many years of treatments and failed adoption attempts…WE FINALLY BECAME PARENTS!!!

Its feels like a miracle, in the most wonderful season…X-mas !!!

I just wanted to let you know that we really value all the support you gave us during this process… helping us to keep the strength and faith during all this time.

My baby is an incredible testimony of the power of hope and prayers…

I just can’t describe how wonderful the process was, and how happy ALL my family is right now. Emilia Isabel has been received in Puerto Rico with SOOOOOO much love !!!

This baby will have a better life filled with love and support… and it was possible because of YOU!!! and what you do each day!!!

All of you will be in our hearts and prayers….and we will be forever grateful.

OMG !!! What an incredible, committed, and competent professionals you are !!! and wonderful human beings. I can tell you love what you do…. and have so much passion on saving this babies lives !!!!

I admire your life purpose… and only hope that you can continue successfully this self-rewarding journey!

With all our love…Many blessings,

Written by Jason Granillo

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