Kristen and Chad

When our youngest was two, we entered the adoption world. We were with a private adoption agency who specifically worked with newborn placement. We waited. And waited. And while we waited, we began to see that there might be a different path for us to welcome our next child. Two years into the process, we welcomed an older child, Chris, from foster care into our home. Within two years, we had built a bond and completed an adoption. He is a great big brother!

We had been very blessed. We had three funny, charming, wild, mischievous sons to raise!

However, without meaning to sound greedy, I still didn’t feel done. I felt like we were missing an important piece to our family puzzle. My heart ached for another child.

So we looked about. We interviewed agencies. We researched and prayed. After some time, we felt that ANLC would be the right fit for us. We began the process. We filled out paperwork, tried to give an accurate feel for who we were, and hoped that there would be a reason for all this work.

Within about six months of signing with ANLC, we got a call that there was a baby for us. Our hearts leapt in anticipation! The baby was born within a few days and we were headed out to meet his birth family. ANLC helped us find and work with an incredible adoption lawyer in the state. While we waited for paperwork to be signed and to be released from the state, we had frequent interaction with ANLC as they worked with the Baby’s birth mom and with us as we transitioned to our new roles.

Charlie is now eighteen months old and we all love him to pieces. We still keep contact with his birth family and we have enjoyed visiting with his amazing birth mother who sacrificed her happiness for his. She is awesome!

We are very grateful for the work that ANLC does! With their hard work, we were able to add the final touch to our family.

Thank you!

Written by Jason Granillo

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