When we decided that adoption would be the way we would start a family, the process seemed so complicated and we did not know where to start. After speaking to a couple of agencies, we had a consultation with ANLC. Everyone we dealt with at ANLC was so knowledgeable and so willing to answer all of our questions. We instantly know that we wanted to work with ANLC to make our dreams come true.

ANLC helped us through every step of the process. We could call whenever we had any questions or even just to talk about whatever we needed to. ANLC helped us build our website and gave us guidance in writing our birthmother letter. We were so incredibly fortunate to be matched with our baby only 12 days after our website went live. We also learned that our baby would be due in 2 months!!

We were beyond excited and ANLC was right there to help make sure we accomplished everything we needed to in those short months. Everyone at ANLC was so patient and kind and was so willing to talk to us while we waited to help up overcome our fears and anxieties. Our birthmother was in our same state just a few hours away. We met our son only hours after he was born and we were able to have him in our own room at the hospital almost every moment until we took him home. I fed him his very first bottle and changed his very first diaper!

We were so blessed and fortunate to have found ANLC. Everyone we dealt with at every stage treated us like we were family. We could not have had a more amazing experience with ANLC. Our son is now 11 months old and we are celebrating our his first Christmas and our very first Christmas as a family!

Written by Jason Granillo

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