At start, I (husband) didn’t even know you could adopt newborns and from the beginning (2010) ANLC was there for us and encouraged us in so many ways so to be patient as well as work through a few obstacles along the way. Never once did ANLC doubt that our miracle of gifted life would not fill our arms one day. As mention below, Carol and her colleagues had become part of our family since initial contact. Their guidance, prayers, and encouragement enabled us to be prepared and ready when the call/email notification came in. Michele, born on 27 Oct 2014, filled our hearts with joy and happiness like never before!-) His arrival was only connected to us by the determination ANLC had; especially Carol, in order for us to have our miracle come true. It most likely will take some time and lots of energy, but the process will work for you with the help of ANLC to. Of Note: We adopted while being in the USAF and stationed overseas.

Written by Jason Granillo

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