If you are interested in adopting, placing your baby for adoption, or becoming a foster parent in the Tucson, Arizona area, you will find information regarding home study providers, local agencies, foster care resources, hospitals, and county courts below. Other additional resources can be found on our Arizona Adoption page.

Completing the Home Study in Tucson

One of the most important aspects of the adoption process is the home study. It evaluates the suitability and capability of prospective Adoptive Parents. It generally includes questions about family history, health & financial information, and personal background. The following is a list of home study providers/adoption agencies in Tucson:

  • Adoption Choices of Arizona
  • 520-308-6301
  • “Adoption Choices of Arizona is a LOCAL, private adoption agency licensed by the State of Arizona. We assist children, birth parents and adoptive parent through the adoption journey. As such, we are leaders in the adoption community with a genuine commitment to a sensitive, comprehensive, and supportive experience for all involved in the adoption process.”
  • International Child Foundation, Inc.
  • 520-531-9931
  • “At ICF, we believe our destiny as humans rests on our ability to love each other as brothers and sisters. Adoption creates families from across the US and many parts of the globe, mixing heritage and culture, bringing the world together. Adoption expands our identities and widens our horizons.”
  • Oasis Adoption Services, Inc.
  • 520-579-5578
  • “Oasis Adoption Services helps people interested in adopting and birth parents planning to place their child for adoption. We also assist with step parent adoptions, relative adoptions, and other adoption related services. The primary goal of Oasis Adoption Services is to provide adoptable children with safe, secure, permanent families.”

Tucson Adoption Agencies

There are several other basic adoption requirements all Adoptive Parents will need to know. If you are interested in adopting a baby in the Tucson area, here are several more local adoption agencies willing to work with you:

Foster Care Resources

Is Foster Adoption right for you? Are you interested adopting an infant from foster care? Contact these local foster care resources in Tucson to see if Foster Parenting is in your best interest.

  • Arizona’s Children Association
  • 520-622-7611
  • “Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) is the largest foster care provider in the state! We train and support foster care families who can open their hearts and homes to vulnerable children while their biological families are on the mend. We also collaborate with adoption placing agencies to provide a variety of adoption related services for those seeking to adopt internationally, privately and from the foster care system.”
  • Aviva Children’s Services
  • 520-327-6779
  • “Aviva strives to responds to the needs of foster children by supplying basic, everyday necessity items as well as resources to enhance their self-esteem and well-being. Additionally, we provide a nurturing space for families to reconnect and heal, and sponsor programs that promote family reunification.”
  • Devereux Foster Care
  • 520-576-5801
  • “Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health changes lives – by unlocking and nurturing human potential for people living with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences.”
  • GAP Ministries
  • 520-877-8077
  • “Our Mission is simple: Standing in the GAP for those in need. Bringing help to children, healing to families and hope to the community. GAP Ministries, a social service nonprofit serving Southern Arizona since 1999, Stands in the GAP for those in need in three core areas: Family, Community and Ministry.”
  • More Than A Bed
  • 520-428-5280
  • “More Than A Bed is a resource center for foster and adoptive families. We connect famillies with the resources they need to fulfill God's call to help the orphans.”

Hospitals in Tucson

Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents will need to prepare a hospital plan that will meet all their hopes and needs. It is important that you find the right hospital with the right staff to ensure a comfortable stay when welcoming a new baby. Below is a list of highly-rated hospitals in Tucson:

County Courts

A finalization hearing is required to complete the adoption process. You can also check out the adoption laws in Arizona. Below is a list of county courts in and near the Tucson area:

  • Graham County
  • 928-428-3310
  • Graham County Courthouse, 800 Main Street, Safford AZ 85546
  • Pima County
  • 520-724-5590
  • Conciliation Court, 32 N. Stone Ave. Suite 1704, Tucson, Arizona 85701

Local Attractions

If you love scenic views, check out Tucson’s Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway. The Gaslight Theater also offers great entertainment, as well as several local museums in the area. The beautiful city of Tucson will be sure to catch your attention. See more local attractions below: