A Complete List of Adoption Home Study Questions

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How do I prepare for a home study?

Preparing for an adoption process is no small task. There will be tons of questions along the way both asked by you and asked of you. It is important to prepare as much as possible for the likely questions coming your way from your Home Study provider. Depending on your personal background, some questions may catch you off guard and bring feelings to the surface that you didn’t know were there.

Be honest with your interview process and it will help you identify areas of opportunity for you to be more prepared for the journey. The job of the home study provider is to make sure you are as ready as you can be to welcome a new child into your home. 

Questions common in the Home Study process fall into several categories ranging from getting to know you questions, autobiographical questions, practical questions, and questions that are specific to the individual adoption. Other questions may dig deeper into your background and include detailed questions about your childhood, how you will handle children in your home, if you can create a picture of an ideal child, questions about your marriage if you are married, questions about your lifestyle and how you spend your time, questions about your health and your religious background.

The home study will attempt to verify that you are financially able to complete the adoption process. It will also determine your motivations for the adoption. Ultimately, the purpose of the home study process and questions are aimed at determining your readiness overall to enter an adoption opportunity. Some other home study requirements could also include birth certificates and criminal background checks that will result in a written report by a social worker or someone similar.

Listed below are some of the most common home study questions asked by a provider. There are no “right” answers to these questions and the goal of the questions is to help the home study provider get to know you better. It is best to reflect on these ahead of time yourself or with your spouse if you are married.

What are some potential home study interview questions?

Introduction Questions:

Tell me about yourself

What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?

Do you have any hobbies?

How would you describe yourself and how would others describe you?

How familiar are you with the adoption home study process?

About the child:

What characteristics are you looking for in a child?

Would you consider a child outside of this picture?

Do you want a boy or a girl or either?

Home Questions:

Do you already have children? If so, how old are they?

How are they involved in the adoption process?

How do they feel about your potential adoption of a sibling?

How do they relate to each other?

About You:

Describe your physical characteristics.

How was your relationship with your parents?

How would you describe your childhood?

Were there any activities that you enjoyed while growing up?

Are you like your parents or different?

Describe your personality.

Marriage Questions:

How did you meet your spouse?

Have you had marital problems?

Has your marriage matched your expectations?

Do you have defined roles?

What is the relationship like with each other’s families?

How will parenthood impact your lifestyle?

Do you have mutual goals? If so, what are they?

Lifestyle Questions:

Describe your social life.

How will parenthood change your social life?

Are family members aware of your adoption plan?

Will they support it and if not how will you handle that?

Describe your problem-solving process.

Health Questions:

Describe your general physical and mental health status.

Do you have any hereditary illness in the family?

Are there any instances of alcohol or drug abuse?

Have you been tested for HIV?

Describe any experiences you have had with any types of abuse.

Have you participated in infertility treatments?

If so, are they ongoing?

What will happen to the adoption plan if you get pregnant?

Religious Questions:

Describe your religious backgrounds.

If they are different how will that be handled?

Are you a formal member of a religious organization?

What moral values are important to you?

Employment and Financial:

Are you prepared to share your complete financial background?

Provide information on current employer, job title, and duties.

Will these impact your ability to raise a child?

What are your career goals?

Is there a risk of transfer within a year?

Who handled the financial decisions in the home?

Once started do you think you will be able to complete the home study?

Attitude Regarding Adoption:

Why do you want to choose adoption?

How long have you considered adoption as an option?

Why did you decide to adopt?

Have you shared this decision with your family?

What are your plans on sharing the adoption story with your future child?

What is your attitude toward open adoption?

Would you accept a child that had been abused or neglected?

Have you ever had contact with any foster parents?

Parenting Style:

What are your experiences with raising a child?

Do you have a plan to establish defined parenting roles with your spouse?

What forms of discipline do you plan to use?

What is your tolerance for defiance or aggression from the child?

Do you feel the success or failure of a child reflects on the parents?

Do you have guardians in place in case something happens to you?

What are your child care plans if you are both working?


Are there any areas of your life that are not stable?

How soon are you prepared to adopt a child?

Are all members of your family ready for a new sibling?

There are countless questions that could be relevant in an adoption situation so it is not possible to list them all here. It is critical that you reflect deeply on your readiness for adoption and answer these and other questions as honestly as possible early in the journey. Children are an incredible blessing but parenthood can be difficult. Get to know yourself as well as possible before adopting so that the experience can be as smooth as possible.

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