Newborn Safety

Bringing home a newborn can be oh-so-exciting and oh-so-scary at the same time. “What do I do now?” is a question many parents have asked upon being alone at home with their newborn for the first time. The good news is there are things you can do before coming home from the hospital that will help ensure a smooth transition. Some of the top things include:

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Car safety

Obviously the way to get the baby home from the hospital is in a car. If you have delivered at home, eventually you will want to go out. Either way, having a car seat already purchased and installed will ease your stress when the time comes for the first big outing. It is always best to procure a brand new car seat since you don’t know the history of a used one. According to safety guidelines, once a car seat has been in an accident, it should be disposed of immediately.

Baby proofing your home

Baby stores are filled with all types of gadgets to help prepare your home for a new little one. Right away they will not do much, but it won’t be long before they are mobile and into everything. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this instance. For sure you want to cover your outlets that are down low and lock cabinet doors especially those under sinks that may store cleaning products. Another option is to store those products up high. Another consideration is your electronic devices. Tablets and other shiny things are sure to attract your curious one’s attention so be thinking about storage and charging locations.

Bath safety

Bathing your new baby is sure to be a highlight, but remember that babies are very slippery when they get wet! The first couple of times you wash your wee one, make sure to have everything you need including soap, towel and lotion, within easy reach. Also consider having an extra set of hands close by until you get the hang of things. Water can be very dangerous to a baby.

Toy safety

The number of toys on the market for children of all ages is staggering. Knowing which ones to purchase without breaking the bank can take lots of time and research. Making sure each toy is appropriate to the child’s developmental level is critical. Toys with small removable parts should never be left around little folk. One of the first ways children learn about the world around them is through their senses, specifically, their mouth. Anything new or interesting goes right in, whether we want it to or not. Small parts can easily be swallowed or become lodged in the child’s throat causing them to choke or worse.

Crib safety

Purchasing a brand new crib is also a good idea as it will have the most current safety standards applied. If you decide to use a hand-me-down, make sure to check for any safety recalls. You want to use a firm mattress and tight fitting sheets in order to avoid the prospect of any soft bedding restricting the child’s breathing. A new baby is not concerned with a soft comfy bed. She just needs a safe place to rest.
Bringing home a new baby is one of life’s most exciting times. For additional resources and online training on how to child proof your home, please visit Child Proof Advice. With a little preparation and homework, your transition from “expecting” to “parenting” will go smoother.

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