Are you considering adopting, placing your baby for adoption, or becoming a foster parent in the Fontana, California area? Below you will find information regarding home study providers, local agencies, foster care resources, hospitals, and county courts. For additional resources, visit our California State Page.

Completing the Home Study in Fontana

For adoptive parents, a home study is required. This process helps ensure that every baby placed for adoption finds the right home.

One of the most important aspects of the adoption process is the home study; it is required for every adoption. The purpose of a home study is to assess the suitability and capability of prospective Adoptive Parents. There are certain Adoption Home Study Requirements for each state. It generally includes questions about family history, health & financial information, and personal background. Check out the List of Expected Adoption Home Study Questions on our page. The following is a list of home study providers/adoption agencies in & near the Fontana area:

  • Alpha Adoption Centers
  • 951-369-5282
  • “The mission of Alpha Adoption Centers is to successfully find and match adoptable children with families that can meet each child’s individual needs. Our goal is to know what the child’s needs are and to have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the families so that each child’s specific needs may be met throughout their lifetime. In addition to this, we are determined to match birth mothers with suitable adoptive parents for their infants. Our vision is that all children, in need of a family, will have a forever family.”
  • Hope 4 Kids
  • 949-496-9430
  • “Hope 4 Kids is here to meet all of your adoption needs. Once you have made the decision to adopt, we are here to help you with making your decision a reality. We have specialized counselors to assist you with answering your questions and helping you find the right path for your adoption plan.”
  • Kinship Center
  • 909-798-9547
  • “Committed to the core belief that every child deserves a family; Kinship Center provides the full spectrum of family-centered support to strengthen the families and communities we serve.”
  • Seneca
  • 714-957-1004
  • “Mission: Unconditional Care | Helping children and families through the most difficult times of their lives.”

Fontana Adoption Agencies & Professionals

Like the home study, there are several basic adoption requirements all Adoptive Parents will need to know. Learn more about Adoption Costs in The U.S. on our website. You can also check out Top 10 Tips for Creating an Awesome Adoption Profile. If you are interested in adopting a baby in the Fontana area, contact these local adoption agencies below:

  • Adoption Choices – Adoption Attorney, George Maricic
  • 909-989-2750
  • “My law firm specializes in private, independent placements and agency assisted placements. I also do stepparent adoptions, guardianships, paternity and adult adoptions. Adoptions have been my specialty for over 25 years. I serve as legal counsel for several local and national adoption agencies. I am a founding member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (Quad A) and the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers (ACAL). I am an adoptive parent myself.”
  • Aspiranet
  • 909-890-9022
  • “Our Mission: To provide children, youth and families with a foundation of support and services so they can succeed at home, school and in their communities.”
  • Forever After Adoptions
  • 866-222-9284
  • “Forever After Adoptions is a unique service that is employed by licensed adoption agencies and attorneys throughout the United States. If you are currently dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption, we can describe to you the advantages of multiple services so that you can make an informed decision as to which service will best fit your needs.”
  • Knotts Family Agency
  • 909-880-0600
  • “At Knotts Family Agency, we love the work that we do. We love working with parents as true partners, and we love the children and youth we care for. We will always provide the best and unparalleled parent support in the area.”

Foster Care Resources

Is Foster Adoption right for you? Are you interested in adopting an infant from foster care? Contact these local foster care resources to see if the role of a Foster Parent is your best fit.

Hospitals in Fontana

Adoptive Parents and Birth Mothers will need to prepare a hospital stay that will meet all their hopes and needs. Finding the right hospital with the right staff will ensure a comfortable stay when welcoming their new baby. Check out 7 Considerations for Birth Mothers When Choosing Adoptive Parents on our page. Below is a list of hospitals near Fontana:

County Courts

To complete the adoption process, a finalization hearing is required. If you would like to learn about the adoption laws in California, check out our Adoption Laws by State page. The following is a list of county courts in and near the Fontana area:

  • Orange County
  • 657-622-6878
  • Lamoreaux Justice Center, 341 The City Drive South Orange, CA 92868

Local Attractions

There are so many fun things to do in Fontana, California. While you’re in the area, check out the Calspeed Karting Center or find your way out of the Exodus Escape Room. If you like theaters, you can catch a show at the Center Stage Theater. These local attractions will be sure to keep you amazed and entertained. See more local attractions below: