If you are looking to adopt a baby or place your baby for adoption in San Jose, use the guide below for information about local agencies, hospitals, home study providers, and more. Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout the state can be found on our website here: California Guide.

Completing the Home Study in San Jose

The home study is an integral part of the adoption process. Prospective adoptive parents must understand and complete a home study in order to adopt. We’ve compiled a list of local home study providers available in San Jose.

San Jose

  • The Family Network, Inc.
  • 831-462-8954
  • "The Family Network is currently licensed in the State of California for domestic, international and embryo adoption services. These services include: adoption home studies, relinquishment of parental rights, interstate compact agreements and administration, post placement reports, agency court work, coordination with placing agencies, and coordination with immigration."
  • Adoption Connection
  • 415-359-2491
  • Adoption Connection provides home study services to families in 19 California counties, including Santa Clara county.


  • AAC – Alpha Adoption Centers
  • 877-955-2122
  • “The home study is the foundation of all child adoptions, and is required in every state and country. It is a written, comprehensive assessment of the adoptive family. Having your home study completed by a reputable, licensed agency with experienced professional staff is critical to your process going smoothly.

    Alpha has been performing various types of home studies for over 25 years. We know what documentation is expected and required. We get it right the 1st time!”
  • Nightlight Christian Adoptions
  • 714-693-5437
  • “Nightlight is committed to providing you with excellent educational programs and guidance to prepare you to be knowledgeable and loving parents. Our intent is to give you the tools to parent an adopted child who may have unique and special needs. The home study will be tailored for the type of adoption you are entering: embryo, infant or older child domestic, foster-to-adopt, and international.”
  • Lilliput Children’s Services
  • 800-325-5359
  • “Our programs and initiatives provide a strong foundation for children and their families, and ensure that children who enter the foster care system are placed with lifelong families as quickly as possible.”

San Jose Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

Kinship Center and Bay Area Adoption Services are licensed adoption professionals equipped to help people interested in adopting a baby or placing a baby for adoption near San Jose.

Become a Foster Parent in San Jose

Visit the California Department of Social Services for information on foster care in San Jose and in California.

The local foster care agencies listed below provide additional information and services for foster parents in San Jose.

Hospitals in San Jose

Expectant mothers work with hospitals to create a hospital plan, which includes details about where they give birth and who will accompany them. To help ensure a positive delivery experience, we’ve provided the contact information of hospitals in San Jose.

Legal Considerations

Adoptive parents and expectant mothers in San Jose must adhere to laws outlined by the State of California. Find this information our California Guide. It is important for everyone involved in the adoption process to understand these laws to ensure that all rights are protected.

Visit Santa Clara Court for legal information about adoption in San Jose.

Local Attractions

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