As a resident of the District of Columbia considering newborn adoption, you have many options. Whether you are a prospective Birth Mother or hopeful Adoptive Parent, your adoption process is governed by the domestic adoption policies of your district.
Adoption By City
District of Columbia Adoption Agencies
A state licensed adoption agency can perform all the steps necessary for an adoption. They counsel Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents, introduce them to one another and then provide needed services to all parties during the adoption process, including overseeing pre­natal care, financial assistance and the legal adoption process. They may also be the conduit for information after the adoption has been finalized.
As a leader in the adoption community, Adoption Network Law Center has decades of experience bringing Birth Mothers and hopeful Adoptive Families together. Adoption Network Law Center is different from an adoption agency, offering the protection of reputable legal services with extensive advertising. As a law center, we aren’t limited by state budget restrictions as are adoption agencies and can market more aggressively.
Every adoption is unique and most adoptions will transcend state boundaries requiring local representation. Adoption Network Law Center works with skilled and experienced professionals to handle all of the legal aspects of your adoption,* providing quality adoption services to prospective Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents nationwide. Adoption requires significant coordination between the attorney, the home study agency and a licensed adoption agency. Adoption Network Law Center provides access to all necessary adoption services and will coordinate the execution of your Washington DC adoption plan.
*Please note: For the legal completion of any adoption, you will separately retain the appropriate legal entity(ies) in your state and the Birth Mother's state for necessary representation.
Fun Places to Visit in Washington DC
Washington DC may be small geographically, but it is packed with museums, memorials and monuments paying tribute to our nation and the people who have made it great. With so many iconic sites to visit, embark on one of several tours offered in the area for the full experience.
With over 15,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is hands down the top attraction in Washington DC. Visitors report it is a moving experience to see this majestic memorial and say it evokes a strong sense of patriotism. Lincoln is revered as the president who saved the nation at the end of the Civil War, and America pays homage to his greatness with this memorial.
Another symbol of the nation is the President’s residence and offices–– The White House. Knowing the Chief Executive of the country is inside those walls gives a sense of awe and wonder to the visitor. The White house has been the residence of every President of the United States except George Washington.
Ready to expand your knowledge even more? The Smithsonian is a collection of 19 museums and a zoo! The Smithsonian invites both young and old to learn. With a planetarium, theatres, exhibits, and libraries, there are endless things to do and see that include art, science, history and culture.
Historical museums and memorials such as the Holocaust Museum, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and National World War II Memorial, give tribute to those who paid the ultimate price. Many visitors become emotional when visiting these stirring sites.
Young adults head to Washington DC for a different kind of education, to pursue higher learning at two of the most popular universities there― Georgetown University and George Washington University. Georgetown University students have the opportunity to use the extensive museums and local sites in conjunction with their studies. Georgetown University was ranked #1 in the world for graduate study in international relations by Foreign Policy magazine. George Washington University is the largest university in DC. GWU also benefits from DC’s scientific and cultural community, especially in government, policy and law. Students at either one of these colleges are bound to have a rich educational experience.
Adoption in Washington DC
You don’t have to live in the White House to provide a safe and loving home. If you are a family looking to adopt a newborn, find out if you are ready and learn about the adoption process. Find out about the types of adoption you can choose from.
There are many questions potential Birth Parents have about creating a strong support system or financial assistance that may be available. Adoption Network Law Center is prepared to guide you on your adoption journey.
To speak with an adoption specialist and receive more information on District of Columbia adoption, please call 1­866­942­3678 and request your FREE guide to adoption.
Adoptive Families in Washington DC
Our families have completed home studies and are eager to welcome a child into their home.
Call 1-866-602-3422 for additional information on a specific family or to create your own adoption profile.
District of Columbia Adoption Home Study Services
Before an adoption can take place, there are specific qualifications that must be met by the potential Adoptive Parents. Eligibility is determined by an evaluation called a home study that verifies that the Adoptive Parent is prepared to have a child in their home. Call 1-866-602-3422 to be connected with our network of Washington DC home study specialists.
District of Columbia Adoption Laws