If you are interested in adopting, placing your baby for adoption, or becoming a foster parent in the Baltimore, Maryland area, you will find information regarding home study providers, local agencies, foster care resources, hospitals, and county courts below. It is important to understand the difference between foster care and adoption. Other additional resources can be found on our Maryland Adoption page.

Completing the Home Study in Baltimore

Every adoption requires a home study. Its purpose is to assess the suitability and capability of prospective Adoptive Parents. It generally includes questions about family history, health & financial information, and personal background. The following is a list of home study providers/adoption agencies in Baltimore.

  • Adoption Makes Family, Inc.
  • 410-683-2100
  • “Adoption Makes Family is a Maryland adoption agency that matches birth parents experiencing unplanned pregnancies with loving and caring families looking to adopt. We are located just north of Baltimore, Maryland, but serve the entire state. Our goal is for all of our families to be happy and for the child to be raised in a loving environment. To do this, we walk you through all of the steps in the adoption process and answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.”
  • Board of Child Care
  • 410-922-2100
  • “We seek to make lasting change in the lives of those we work with by providing services that are durable, measurable, and sustainable. We will maximize our impact by investing in staff and board development. Feedback gathered from our entire community will enhance and strengthen our programs and their outcomes.”
  • Creative Adoptions, Inc.
  • 301-596-1521
  • “C.A.I. believes that children should be raised by their birth families and/or in their birth countries whenever that is possible. However, when it is not possible, C.A.I. believes that every child has the right to be parented in a loving and caring “forever” family.”
  • Global Adoption Services
  • 410-569-9384
  • “We are a fully Hague Accredited Christian 501(c)3 nonprofit agency dedicated to the goal that every child has the right to live in a caring and nurturing environment that will stimulate his or her intellectual, physical and spiritual growth. Every child is entitled to a safe birth that will bond the family together. We seek to help with domestic and international adoptions for couples or singles over the age of 25.”

Baltimore Adoption Agencies

There are approximately 114,556 children waiting to be adopted in the U.S., and it can take more than three years for the average child to wait for an adoptive family. If you would like to learn more, check out our Adoption Statistics Page. If you are interested in adopting a baby in Baltimore using a local agency, these are some local adoption agencies willing to work with you:

Foster Care Resources

There are over 400,000 foster children in the U.S. For more information about Foster Care Adoption in Baltimore, you can contact these local foster care resources:

  • Children’s Choice
  • 410-319-9681
  • “At Children’s Choice we bring together a dedicated, highly trained staff with a faith-based philosophy to support individuals and families who want to open their homes and their hearts to foster children. Being a foster parent requires both incredible commitment and compassion and Children’s Choice is here to support foster parents every step of the way. Our decades of experience and “can do” attitude form the foundation for changing lives – yours and theirs.”
  • Pressley Ridge
  • 410-342-7554
  • “Our foster care services are designed to provide children and youth with a safe, secure and stable setting in a quality, certified foster home. The ultimate goal is to prevent or reduce a child’s trauma by ensuring they are safe and well cared for by a trained foster parent and to assist in achieving permanency through reunification, adoption or permanent legal custodianship.”
  • WIN Family Services
  • 410-578-8003
  • “To promote holistic, strength-based, and faith-based principles within the human service community. Our goal is to therapeutically support and strengthen youth, families, organizations and communities through the creation of innovative services, products and initiatives.”

Hospitals in Baltimore

Adoptive Parents and Expectant Mothers will need to prepare a hospital plan that will meet all their hopes and needs. Finding the right hospital with the right staff will ensure a comfortable stay when welcoming their new baby. Here is a list of hospitals in Baltimore:

County Courts

To complete the adoption process, a finalization hearing is required. The following is a list of county courts in and near the Baltimore area:

  • Baltimore County
  • 410-887-6516
  • County Courts Building, 401 Bosley Ave. Suite 3507, Towson, MD 21204
  • Baltimore City
  • 410-396-5034
  • Suite 311 Courthouse, East, 111 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Carroll County
  • 410-386-2086
  • 55 North Court Street, Room 124, Westminster, MD 21157
  • Harford County
  • 410-638-3275
  • Court House, Room 304, 20 W. Courtland St., Bel Air, MD 21014

Local Attractions

Home of the first railroad station in the United States, you can find Mount Clare Station at the B&O Railroad Museum. There are also several art museums to choose from in Baltimore, Maryland. These local attractions will be sure to keep you entertained and amazed. See more local attractions below: