Do you want to adopt a baby in Portland, or are you looking to place your baby for adoption? Maybe you are looking for information on Portland adoption agencies. Below are some local organizations as well as essential Portland adoption and foster care resources to help you get started. If you’re seeking additional resources, you can find out more on Oregon adoptions here.

Completing the Home Study in Portland

Parents who want to adopt a baby must first complete a home study Below are some of the legal home study providers you’re likely to find in Portland, Oregon. Remember that the home study process is to ensure that you can provide a stable and safe home for a child.

  • All God’s Children
  • 503-282-7652
  • The Portland Adoption home study is the basis of a child’s adoption and is needed in every country and state. It’s a comprehensively written analysis of the adoptive parents. If your home study is completed by a licensed and reputable agency with qualified staff, you’ll enjoy a very smooth process.
  • The organization is legally allowed by the state to carry out home study activities in the county for parents, through any adoptive institution.
  • Christian Family Adoptions Program
  • 503-232-1211
  • The Portland Adoptions service is dedicated to giving you effective educational programs as well as the guidance needed in preparing you to become loving and knowledgeable parents. We want to give you all the tools to raise an adopted child who has special and unique needs. We offer good child placement programs for all independent and infant adoptions. Also, you’ll find state foster car adoption institutions here in Oregon.
  • Holt International Home study Program
  • 541-687-2202
  • Here at holt international, we want to make sure that you get the best post-placement and home study services. Our excellent staff provides you a fantastic customer support by carefully guiding you the entire process.

Portland Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

Whether you’re considering adopting a child or placing your baby for adoption, Portland offers many resources. For adoptive families and parents who would want to work with local, or regional programs, here are the professionals whom you’ll need to visit:

Become a Foster Parent in Portland

If you want to adopt a baby in Portland, visit the Oregon Department of Human Services for sufficient information on foster care. Also, follow these local resources and agencies for additional information.

Hospitals in Portland

For Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents, it’s essential to prepare a hospital plan. Use your adoption agency or adoption professional to make arrangements with the hospital, to inform them of your hospital plan. Here are some Portland, Oregon hospitals:

County Courts

An important step in the Portland adoption legal process is finalization. The finalization will be officiated at a local court. For information on the local judicial system in your county please see the websites below:

Local Attractions

Portland also has some interesting places to visit if you’re in the area for during your adoption process. Here’s a list of local Portland attractions to consider visiting while in the area: