If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, and are looking to adopt or have questions about placing your baby for adoption, review the guide below to find information on local agencies, hospitals, home study providers, and more.

Additional information can be found on our Texas State Page.

Completing the Home Study in Fort Worth

For adoptive parents, a home study is required. This process helps ensure that every baby placed for adoption finds the right home.

To get started, or just to gather more information, visit our home study page or contact a home study provider in your area:

Near Fort Worth

  • Adoption Answers, Inc.
  • 817-729-4378
  • “Adoption Answers, Inc. is dedicated to helping adoptive families navigate all the steps of the adoption process and to providing education and support to the families before, during, and after the adoption.
    For Texas families, we provide home studies, home study updates, and post-placement services. We can provide these services for families who are pursuing an international, domestic, or step-parent adoption. Adoption services are provided for a reasonable fee with consideration given to the family’s scheduling needs. We are known for our quick service and for our knowledge of adoption issues. Adoptive parents have access to personal consultations to help them determine their adoption path and to help guide them throughout the adoption process.”
  • Legacy Adoption Services
  • 817-899-5000
  • “Not all families begin at the same chapter. Some are forged together through the gift of adoption. We understand that deciding to adopt a baby or choose adoption for your unborn baby can feel daunting. You need someone to turn to for reassurances, information and unbiased support. As adoption specialists, we are experts in maneuvering through emotional decisions, and helping you experience the mountaintop experience of creating a family from a place that is courageous, joyful and hope-filled.”

In Texas:

  • Children’s Connections, Inc.
  • 800-456-4862
  • “Children's Connections provides free adoption information, resources, and referrals including; providing information about the adoption process, referrals to adoption agencies, referrals to attorneys who handle adoption law, referrals to support groups, and financial resources for adoption. Children's Connections offers families an adoptive home study at a reasonable fee. We strive to make the home study process a comfortable experience for our families.”
  • S.A.F.E. Project
  • 832-244-7428
  • S.A.F.E. Project (Supportive Assistance for Family Enhancement Project, LLC) has offices in Houston and Austin with a network of more than 125 professionals providing home assessment services.
  • Adoption Choices of Texas
  • 855-304-4673
  • “Our adoption counselors are here to give you personal attention in resolving the questions and concerns you have about the adoption process. We are here to provide counseling on an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy, making an adoption plan for your unborn child, and placing a child for adoption. We work all across the state, so please contact us now and our staff in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, and McAllen will come to you to make an adoption plan that meets your needs.”
  • Texas Adoption Home Studies
  • 800-245-2421
  • “At Texas Adoption Home Studies we have been providing adoption home studies for over 15 years. Our work has assisted hundreds of families in completing domestic, embryo, step parent, second parent, and relative adoptions throughout Texas. If you need an expedited study or fast turnaround we can help you. We are also available for selected appointments for studies needed for custody cases.”

Fort Worth Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

As a prospective birth parent or adoptive family, the professional you work with will play an important role throughout the adoption process, providing adoption services and support to ensure a successful adoption. If you prefer to work with a local or regional adoption professional, consider these nearby adoption agencies:

Become a Foster Parent in Fort Worth

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent in Fort Worth, contact any of the following regional agencies.

  • ACH Child and Family Services
  • “ACH utilizes a solution-focused, competency-based care approach to working with our clients. All ACH services are child-centered and family-focused to best address the needs of children while closely involving families. We partner with our clients to provide the right services and right level of assistance that will help our clients overcome life's challenges and achieve their own goals.”
  • Upbring
  • “At Upbring, we’re changemakers determined to create a world where all children are cherished. We understand that breaking the cycle of child abuse means more than removing children from harmful situations and providing clothing, food and shelter. Because when the cycle is broken, it means children get to live every moment of every day with every inch of their whole hearts. So you’ve got to help children heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Upbring does this. We’ve been helping children thrive for more than 135 years, and we’re not stopping. We have an opportunity to shape not only the way we deliver our programs and services, but shape the way Texas treats children. We have Faith in Every Future.”
  • Advantage Adoptions
  • “Our mission is to find permanent adoptive homes for children in foster care through faith-based recruitment and collaborative community efforts.”
  • This website includes legal information pertaining to adoption, including things that are and are not required.

Hospitals in Fort Worth

Adoptive parents and expectant mothers must create a hospital plan to ensure that the desires and rights of all parties are respected. You will work with your adoption professional and your delivery hospital to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some hospitals near you to contact and get started with.

Legal Considerations

To complete the adoption process, a finalization hearing is required. Find out more by contacting your local court system below.

  • Denton County
  • (940) 349-2300
  • 1450 East McKinney Street, 3rd Floor Denton, TX 76209-4524
  • Parker County
  • (817) 220-7218
  • 1 Courthouse Square • Weatherford, TX 76086
  • Wise County
  • “Public Information Requests: If you are unsure what department handles your needs or who to contact, send us an Email to [email protected] and we'll be glad to route you in the right direction! NOTE: This address is NOT for actual requests, each individual department handles their own requests. We'll help you with what department you need!”

Local Attractions

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