Are considering adopting, placing your baby for adoption, or becoming a foster parent in the Oxnard, California area? Below you will find information regarding home study providers, local agencies, foster care resources, hospitals, and county courts. For additional resources, visit our California Adoption Page.

Completing the Home Study in Oxnard

One of the most important aspects of the adoption process is the a home study; it is required for every adoption. The purpose of a home study is to assess the suitability and capability of prospective Adoptive Parents. There are certain Adoption Home Study Requirements for each state. It generally includes questions about family history, health & financial information, and personal background. Check out the List of Expected Adoption Home Study Questions on our page. The following is a list of home study providers/adoption agencies in & near the Oxnard area:

Oxnard Adoption Agencies & Professionals

Like the home study, there are several basic adoption requirements all Adoptive Parents will need to know. Learn more about Adoption Costs in The U.S. on our website, and check out Top 10 Tips for Creating an Awesome Adoption Profile. You can also visit Reasons to Adopt a Child and Adoption Statistics on our page. If you are interested in adopting a baby near Oxnard, contact these local adoption agencies below:

  • Aspiranet
  • 805-289-0120
  • “Our Mission: To provide children, youth and families with a foundation of support and services so they can succeed at home, school and in their communities.”
  • Dallara Law
  • 805-297-4510
  • “Our Mission: Dallara Law is a boutique law firm focused on simply doing our very best to protect the interests of people undergoing stressful times and help them navigate through the legal system. The focus of the practice is you – the individual.”
  • Koinonia Family Services
  • 805-485-3884
  • “Our mission is to provide the highest quality treatment foster care, adoption and family service programs available for children, youth and their families whose special needs can be met through services delivered, supervised and supported by professional agency staff.”
  • Richard Ross Associates
  • 805-410-3407
  • “Without a knowledgeable attorney, it's very easy for a family law matter to become burdensome and time consuming, sometimes continuing on for years. Whether your case is straightforward or more complex, Richard Ross Associates has the skills and ability needed to take care of it in an expedient manner.”

Foster Care Resources

Is Foster Adoption right for you? Are you interested in adopting an infant from foster care? Contact these local foster care resources to see if the role of a Foster Parent is your best fit.

  • Bethany Christian Services
  • 805-482-2423
  • “Our mission is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services.”
  • Casa Pacifica
  • 805-366-4040
  • “We restore hope, help children find joy in daily living, and improve families’ chances at making a better life for themselves and at finding a place in their community where they can be successful. Casa Pacifica is committed to children unconditionally over time and through all of life’s ups and downs.”
  • Foster VC Kids
  • 805-654-3220
  • “Our Vision is to protect children by strengthening families and ensure that children are nurtured and supported while in care.”
  • Holy Family Services
  • 213-202-3900
  • “HFS strongly embraces the values of diversity & inclusion as we strive to provide caring, non-judgmental support for birth parents considering adoption, to unite children and infants in need of a home with hopeful adoptive parents, and to create strong, loving families of all shapes and sizes.”

Hospitals in Oxnard

Adoptive Parents and Birth Mothers will need to prepare a hospital stay that will meet all their hopes and needs. Finding the right hospital with the right staff will ensure a comfortable stay when welcoming their new baby. Check out 7 Considerations for Birth Mothers When Choosing Adoptive Parents and 10 Questions Adoptive Parents Should Ask Their Potential Birth Mother on our page. Below is a list of hospitals near Oxnard:

County Courts

To complete the adoption process, a finalization hearing is required. If you would like to learn about the adoption laws in California, check out our our Adoption Laws by State page. You can also check out the comparisons between Adoption Agencies, Adoption Attorneys, Adoption Consultants & Adoption Facilitators. The following is a list of county courts in and near the Oxnard area:

  • Ventura County
  • 805-289-8610
  • East County Courthouse, 3855-F Alamo Street Simi Valley, California 93063

Local Attractions

Oxnard, California offers a variety of local attractions. There are several museums to choose from, the most famous ones are the Channel Islands Maritime Museum and the Mullin Automotive Museum. If you enjoy wine, Oxnard offers the Herzog Wine Cellars. From beaches, parks, and trails, these sites will be sure to keep you amazed and entertained. See more local attractions below: