Welcome to Adoption Network’s Aurora, Colorado resources page. Here you will find information relevant to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy, hoping to adopt a baby, or trying to find the perfect family for their baby around Aurora. This guide provides home study resources, adoption agencies, foster care resources, legal information, and hospitals in Aurora Colorado.

Additional information can be found on our Colorado State Guide.

Completing the Home Study in Aurora

For adoptive parents, a home study is required. This process helps ensure that every baby placed for adoption finds the right home.

To get started, or just to gather more information, visit our home study page or contact a home study provider in your area:

Near Aurora:

  • A Love Beyond Borders
  • 303-333-1572
  • 4155 E. Jewell Ave, Suite 709 Denver, CO 80222
  • “A Love Beyond Borders (ALBB) is a Hague Approved, licensed child placement agency in Denver, Colorado which provides domestic and international adoption services to U.S. citizens living in the United States and those living in select foreign countries.
    Our services are provided to individuals and couples seeking inter-country adoption, kinship adoption, step-parent or second parent adoption, designated adoption, home studies for Colorado residents and US citizens living abroad, and those who wish to adopt through an out-of-state placement agency for a domestic or international adoption.”
  • Adoption Choices of Colorado
  • 303-670-4401 ext. 102
  • 2801 Youngfield Street Suite 126 Golden, CO 80401
  • “Although placing a baby for adoption may be a difficult choice, we will be there to provide support, including counseling if you would like. We understand how important it is for you to stay healthy and well taken care of, and we are here to support you through your adoption plan. We want to help you customize a plan that you are 100% comfortable with.”

In Colorado:

  • Hand in Hand International Adoptions
  • 970-226-8948
  • 2519 S. Shields #106 Fort Collins, CO 80526
  • “Hand In Hand employs a “cradle-to-grave” philosophy. Our staff is trained and ready to assist the families from the first inquiry call until their adoptive child has become a healthy adult and beyond. The families are given thorough training about the adoption process as well as the issues surrounding children’s emotional needs. Hand In Hand plays the role of the expert on behalf of the families throughout the process, smoothing the mountains of bureaucratic paper into easy to follow avenues through Immigration and federal and foreign governments.”
  • International Adoption Net
  • 877-945-3004
  • 7500 E. Arapahoe Road, Suite #250 Centennial, CO 80112
  • “International Adoption Net is licensed by the State of Colorado and the State of Florida to provide home study services to prospective adoptive parents. Our vast experience in both international and domestic adoption provides us with a great deal of knowledge to aid adoptive parents in their journey.”

Aurora Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

When you are ready to begin the adoption process, you will likely need to work with an adoption professional to receive the services and support you need to complete the adoption. Some adoptive families and birth parents prefer to work with a local or regional adoption agency. The following adoption agencies have locations in Aurora and can ensure that you meet all Colorado requirements as you move through the adoption process:

  • Adoption Exchange
  • (303) 755-4756
  • 14232 E Evans Ave, Aurora, CO 80014
  • “The Adoption Exchange is a non-profit 501(c)(3) child welfare organization that was founded in 1983 to help establish safety and permanence in the lives of foster children. Although the Exchange was initially an exchange point for caseworkers to discuss placement of children with families seeking to adopt in the Rocky Mountain region, the organization has grown considerably over the years and engenders a powerful impact on national trends in child welfare, employs over 50 paid staff, and counts on scores of volunteers to carry out its mission.”
  • Adoptions by Heart Colorado
  • (720) 366-6119
  • 4605 S Yosemite St, Denver, CO 80237
  • “Adoptions by Heart is a Colorado based open domestic adoption agency. Our founders, Geri K. Glazer and Jeanne Reisig, have placed over a 1,000 children and have a combined 40 years of adoption experience in Colorado. Offices are located throughout the Denver metro area and will come to you all up and down the front range, plains, and mountain areas.”
  • Adoption Options
  • (303) 695-1601
  • 1355 S Colorado Blvd #501, Denver, CO 80222
  • “Adoption Options is an inclusive, non-profit adoption agency dedicated to enriching the lives of children, youth and families. We provide education, placement services, counseling and support for all members of the adoption community.”
  • LDS Family Services
  • (303) 371-1000
  • 3263 Fraser St Ste 3, Aurora, CO 80011
  • “Each individual child experiences a unique circumstance when placed for adoption. In deciding to adopt, remember that Heavenly Father loves you and your child and He will never abandon you (1 Chronicles 28:20). He loves this child and desires to help you as you plan for this child’s future.”

Become a Foster Parent in Aurora

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent in Aurora, contact any of the following regional agencies. Be sure to also visit our Adoption Network Foster Care Resources page.

  • A New World Child Placement Agency
  • (303) 743-4000
  • 15200 E Girard Ave #3450, Aurora, CO 80014
  • “A New World is committed to providing children with life-long skills that are necessary to become productive and contributing citizens in society. Every effort is made to promote and help children to cultivate an optimistic outlook toward life. The children we serve are placed in certified foster and group homes, willing and committed to fostering a sense of stability and belonging in the home. In an effort to maximize the positive impact in children's lives, we seek quality home environments to foster the children.”
  • Kids Crossing
  • (303) 861-8915
  • 14901 E Hampden Ave #205, Aurora, CO 80014
  • “Kids Crossing is a private, non-profit, 501 (c) (3) Child Placement Agency licensed by the State of Colorado to provide foster care and group facility care along the Front Range of Colorado, with offices in Pueblo, Denver and Colorado Springs.
    Since 1992, Kids Crossing has grown to provide foster and group homes for over 250 children, ages 0-18, on any given day across Colorado.”
  • A Brighter Day Foster Care Agency
  • (303) 481-8659
  • 2851 S Parker Rd #600, Aurora, CO 80014
  • “A Brighter Day Child Placement Agency
    is a non-profit organization established to provide child placement and foster care services that stimulate hope and foster successful achievement.”
  • Maple Star Colorado
  • (303) 433-1975
  • 2250 S Oneida St #200, Denver, CO 80224
  • “Maple Star is a fantastic option for those looking to foster and foster to adopt. We've worked with them for almost 3 years and couldn't be happier. They have been there to answer questions we have but most importantly, to help us and be there for us when questions and when we needed advice on how to handle situations. From the beginning, Maple Star has helped us become better parents as well as foster parents. We couldn't do this journey without them!”

Hospitals in Aurora

Adoptive parents and expectant mothers must create a hospital plan to ensure that the desires and rights of all parties are respected. You will work with your adoption professional and your delivery hospital to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some hospitals near you to contact and get started with.

Legal Considerations

Read up on adoption laws and regulations within both the United States and Aurora. Visit the Adoption Network Resource Center to learn more and connect with legal professionals. You may also visit Colorado Child Adoption Laws for more information.

Contact your local courthouse below for additional help.

Local Attractions

Spending time in Aurora? Be sure to check out these fun spots!