Adoption is a tough decision for expectant mothers. You may be feeling worried about how your decision will affect those around you, how people may react, and how you may feel once the decision is finalized. However, chances are that if you’re considering adoption, it’s probably the best option for your child. As you ponder your coming decision, it is important to be as informed about the ins and outs of adoption as you possibly can. This guide will focus on the most common questions expectant mothers have about adoption in order to help prepare you mentally, financially, and emotionally for the coming transition.

Top Questions About Adoption for Expectant Mothers

1. When Can I Contact an Adoption Professional?
Adoption questions
You can get in touch with an adoption professional at any time during your pregnancy or even after your baby is born. When you work with an adoption professional, intermediary, the state, or other adoption network, they should be able to help you at any stage in your pregnancy and beyond. In fact, there are families all throughout the country who are looking to adopt babies and older children, should you have need. When you finally do meet with an adoption professional, they will help you create an adoption plan that will walk you through every step of the process.
2. How Much Will Adoption Cost Me?
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For expectant mothers, there can be quite a few expenses that come with pregnancy and adoption. There are pregnancy related expenses and a Birth Mother may need to travel to meet with the social worker, attorney, or even appear in court, but these expenses may be covered by the adoptive parents. Though adoption can get pretty pricey, there are resources available for pregnant mothers to help them cover all the adoption and pregnancy related expenses that may arise, depending on the state you live in.
3. How Do I Choose the Right Family?
Choosing right adoptive family
As the Birth Mother, you do get a choice on who raises your baby. When working with an adoption specialist, they will help you to find the right type of family you want your child to grow up with. Before placing your child with their Adoptive Family, you will have many opportunities to meet the family, get to know them, and even spend quality time with them, if desired.
4. Can I Still Have a Relationship with My Baby?
Relationship with my baby
You can maintain a relationship with your baby if you opt for an open adoption. In an open adoption, the Adoptive Family and the Birth Mother keep in contact so that the child can have a relationship with their Birth Mother throughout their life. You and the Adoptive Family will make an arrangement to meet at agreed upon points in time so that you and your baby can cultivate a relationship and get to know one another. For many mothers, this option is viewed as helpful and fulfilling as there are many advantages to keeping an open relationship between Birth Parents and their children.
5. What if I Already Have Children?
Child in car seat pointing up
Many mothers are in the position where they are considering placing their second, third, or even fourth child for adoption, and that can come with its own complications. If this is your situation, you are probably wondering how you will explain this to your other children The rule of thumb is to be honest with your other children, but to refrain from telling them more than they need to know, or can handle. Your Adoption Advisor can help you find ways to tell your other children and make the news easier on them.
Creating an adoption plan for your child can be scary and is often a very emotional journey. However, you must remember that this decision is the best thing for your child. While you may feel apprehensive about your decision, speaking with a counselor, meeting with your Adoption Advisor, and even sharing your feelings with your chosen Adoptive Family can alleviate much of the fear and worry that comes with creating an adoption plan for your baby. As you move through this process, keep in mind that you will always be your baby’s mother, and they will always be your child, and the love between you won’t change.

Top Questions by Women Considering Adoption

Expectant Mothers considering adoption are sure to have a lot of questions about the entire adoption process. The legal requirements, the basic steps, and the options available to them can become overwhelming, making the decision to create an adoption plan for their child even more difficult than it already is. Adoption Network wants to cater to our Birth Mothers by offering answers to all the questions they have concerning adoption, which include, but are not limited to, financial questions, questions about emotional support, and concerns about prospective adoptive families. Whatever you may be wondering, Adoption Network has the assistance that you need.