If you are interested in adopting or placing your child for adoption in the Colorado Springs area, please find information and resources below to assist you. Adoption is a special journey, and we want to ensure you have resources available to you throughout the process. Additional information and resources can be located on our Colorado Guide.

The Home Study Process

One of the first steps in the adoptive process is completing a home study to ensure all necessary safety requirements are met in the home. This is to ensure a safe future home for the child. Below, please find a list of home study providers in Colorado Springs, Colorado area or the surrounding areas.

  • A Love Beyond Boarders
  • (303)-333-1572
  • “For prospective adoptive parents living in Colorado, A Love Beyond Borders (ALBB) offers the required Home Study and post adoption services that will help families satisfy the Colorado state adoption laws and prepare you for a domestic or international adoption. LBB provides Home Study services to families throughout the State of Colorado. These services include adoption Home Study (also referred to as family assessment), pre-adoption education, post adoption services and validation of foreign adoption.”
  • Adoption Options
  • (303)-695-1601
  • “Home studies provide caseworkers with an understanding of the prospective adoptive parent’s capacity to appropriately parent a child. This may vary per child, depending on the selected child’s needs. Caseworkers look at the ability for prospective parents to meet needs or manage a specific child’s behaviors or special needs.”

Colorado Springs Adoption Agencies

The State of Colorado offers many adoption services to help you begin the adoptive process, either of adopting a child or placing a child for adoption. Below are a few local that can help you begin your process.

Colorado Springs Foster Care Resources

For additional information on the foster care process exclusively, please contact the following resources.

  • A New World Child Placement Agency
  • (303)-743-4000
  • “A New World Child Placement Agency is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to promote and support children in need of foster care placement. A New World Child Placement Agency accepts children ages 0 to 18 and over 18 to 21 through court order. We strive to encourage a positive outlook on life and deeper appreciation for oneself, through pairing children with homes that will promote their growth and development while in out of home placement. Foster parents will be sufficiently trained to address the needs of the children placed in their care.”
  • Maple Star Specialty Community Services
  • (719)-694-8037
  • “Our agency works closely with all 64 Colorado counties and child welfare agencies within those counties to provide foster care for children ages 0-21. Every year in Colorado about 8,000 children need foster homes. We believe every child deserves a permanent home where they are loved and cared for. We would love to talk to you about the children who need you.”
  • Savio
  • (719)-426-9220
  • “The Savio CPA program uses a Client-Centered/Humanistic Approach, which focuses on starting on the client’s level, and working on mutually agreed upon goals. The basic philosophy is to design individualized treatment to fit the client, rather than using a standardized treatment plan. Efforts are made to help the child understand and accept his/her current living situation and the relationships that are available there, which leads to the establishment and maintenance of quality relationships with significant adults. Caseworkers, foster parents, guardians, child (when appropriate) and other significant parties are included in decision making and are full participants in planning and service delivery.”

Hospitals in the Colorado Springs Local Area

Adoptive parents and expecting mothers ready to welcome a new baby will need to create a hospital birth plan with both the adoption professional and local hospital staff to ensure a smooth transition. Below, please find a list of hospitals close to the Colorado Springs area.

  • Halda Memorial Hospital
  • 4615 Mallow Rd. Colorado Springs, CO. 80907
  • (719)-535-0304

County Courts

To complete the adoption process, a finalization hearing is legally required. You can find out more using your local court system resources in the surrounding areas below.

Local Attractions

Besides the surrounding beautiful scenery, Colorado Springs, Colorado offers a blend of local nature-based attractions mixed history and a bustling culture. You'll be able to relax and take in all of the wonderful sights Colorado has to offer.