If you live in Indianapolis and are interested in adoption, either as an expectant mother or adoptive parent, utilize the guide below for information about adoption agencies, home study providers and other local adoption or foster care services available in your area.

Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout the state can be found on our Indiana Guide.

Completing the Home Study in Indianapolis

Every adoptive family in Indianapolis must complete the Indiana state-regulated home study before a child can be placed in their care. Whether you are fostering or adopting, the home study ensures you are ready to provide a safe and stable home for a child.

The following home study providers can provide additional information about completing the home study in your state:

Near Indianapolis:

  • MLJ Adoptions
  • 317-875-0058
  • MLJ Adoptions performs home studies for domestic, international, relative, and stepparent adoptions to assist Indiana families.
  • A Bond of Life Adoptions
  • 317-873-3841
  • ABL Adoptions is licensed in Indiana and Louisiana to complete home studies for families, specializing in embryo adoption.

In Indiana:

  • Adoptions of Indiana
  • 317-574-8950
  • The specialists at Adoptions of Indiana are available at all times by phone to help you, and they will assist you through your home study and follow-up assessments.
  • Adoptions and Family Support Network
  • 219-924-2600
  • Among the varied services this professional provides to Indiana families, they are qualified to complete your home study and provide adoption education.
  • All Blessings International
  • 270-684-2598
  • ABI works in four states, including Indiana, to provide domestic adoption services such as home studies.

Indianapolis Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

Local adoption professionals can be a great source of information for adoptive families and prospective birth parents. If you are interested in working with an adoption professional near you, the Indianapolis area professionals listed below can provide the information and services you need through every step of the adoption process along with Adoption Network.

Become a Foster Parent in Indianapolis

The foster care process in Indianapolis is determined by the state of Indiana and has requirements similar to those of a home study. Foster parents in Indianapolis must meet the following Indiana requirements:

  • Complete a licensing packet
  • Attend 10 hours of foster parent training
  • Pass a home study
  • Complete a background check

Check out the links below to find a local foster agency that can help you satisfy these requirements.

Hospitals in Indianapolis

Expectant mothers work with hospitals to create a hospital plan, which includes details about where they give birth and who will accompany them in order to help ensure a positive delivery experience. Explore the contact information of hospitals near you that provide maternity services in Indianapolis listed below.

Legal Considerations

Adoptive parents and expectant mothers in Indianapolis must adhere to laws outlined by the State of Indiana. Find this information on our Indiana Guide. It is important for everyone involved in the adoption process to understand these laws to ensure that all rights are protected.

The adoption process is finalized in court within about six months of taking your baby home. Find information about these proceedings at Marion County Clerk of the Court.

Local Attractions

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