Are you interested in adopting or placing your baby for adoption in the Louisville, Kentucky area? Below you will find information regarding home study providers, local agencies, foster care resources, hospitals, and county courts. Other additional resources can be found on our Kentucky Guide.

If you are searching for adoption and foster care resources in another state, see our interactive map here.

Completing the Home Study in Louisville

Every adoption requires a home study. The purpose of the Home Study is to assess the suitability and capability of prospective Adoptive Parents. It generally includes questions about family history, health & financial information, and personal background. The following is a list of home study providers/adoption agencies in Louisville.

  • A Caring Connection - Catholic Charities Adoptions
  • 502-637-9786
  • “A Caring Connection is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency. We are affiliates of Catholic Charities USA and members of the Kentucky Adoption Coalition. Our mission is to promote the life affirming options of adoption or parenting. We provide confidential services to expectant parents of any faith and married couples who are experiencing infertility and wish to adopt a child.”
  • Adoption Assistance, Inc.
  • 502-254-2425
  • “We are dedicated to assisting children find their forever families, birthparents in making an adoption plan and prospective adoptive parents build their family through adoption. Most prospective adoptive parents contact us and say, “We are interested in adopting but have no idea where to start.” Rest assured that Adoption Assistance is here to lead you through the process and assist you every step of the way. The Adoption Assistance team is passionate about Building Families, Changing Lives.”
  • Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana
  • 502-585-4269
  • “At Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana, we have a tremendous amount of respect for birth mothers and birth fathers for the selfless, difficult decision they make. Adoptive parents who take a leap of faith into the adoption process are dear to us as well. We do not take lightly the responsibility that both parties entrust to us – to build a bridge between families to provide a child with the opportunity to lead a healthy, happy, stable life.”

Louisville Adoption Agencies

If you are interested in adopting or placing your baby for adoption in Louisville, these are several more local adoption agencies willing to work with you:

Foster Care Resources

For more information about fostering a child in Louisville, you can contact these local foster care resources:

  • Benchmark Family Services
  • 502-267-0102
  • “Benchmark’s mission is to work alongside referring agencies to provide stable and caring placements for youth in need of out-of-home care. We advocate for children by ensuring reasonable opportunities for healthy physical, psychological and emotional growth and development in the most normal and least restrictive setting possible. To this end, Benchmark will provide and coordinate programs and services in cooperation with referring child welfare agencies. Benchmark is committed to the highest standards of childcare and professionalism.”
  • Home of the Innocents
  • 502-596-1000
  • “Home of the Innocents is the region’s open arms to kids in crisis. We are a community of dedicated people providing the skills and opportunities by which vulnerable children, youth, and their families may improve their lives.”
  • Maryhurst
  • 502-245-1576
  • “Believing in the worth of children, strength of families and the power of hope, we are dedicated to the healing of those in crisis through a continuum of innovative and specialized care.”
  • 502-618-5950
  • “Building families is our mission. Necco serves children of all ages in various service capacities including therapeutic foster care, alternatives to secure detention, independent and transitional living, prevention services and more.”
  • Uspiritus
  • 502-451-5177
  • “Our Mission -Restoring Hope, Instilling Confidence, Furthering Education, Encouraging Spirituality and Faith through a comprehensive continuum of care for vulnerable youth and families.”

Hospitals in Louisville

Adoptive Parents and Expectant Mothers will need to prepare a hospital plan that will meet all their hopes and needs. Finding the right hospital with the right staff will ensure a comfortable stay when welcoming their new baby. Here is a list of some of the best hospitals in the Louisville area:

County Courts

To complete the adoption process, a finalization hearing is required. The following is a list of county courts in or near the Louisville area:

  • Bullitt County
  • 250 Frank E. Simon Avenue, Shepherdsville, KY 40165
  • 502-543-2478

Local Attractions

Louisville, Kentucky is home of the Kentucky Derby and the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats. Become familiar with the history of the city you are adopting in and check out the Frazier History Museum. The local attractions in Louisville will be sure to keep you entertained and amazed. Check out more local attractions below: