Do you wish to adopt a child in Oklahoma? Or are you thinking of placing your child for adoption? Below you'll find local organizations, along with other Oklahoma City adoption and foster care resources to help you get started with your search.

If you're looking for additional resources, also visit our Oklahoma Guide.

Completing the Home Study in Oklahoma City

Parents who wish to adopt a baby or child will first need to go through a home study. Keep in mind that the home study process is meant to make sure that a safe and stable home will be provided for the child/children. Below are a few home study providers in Oklahoma.

  • Home Study Services
  • 405-210-4094
  • "We are dedicated to producing an equal-opportunity, professional, and complete Home Study. Whether you are adopting a child or seeking child custody or guardianship, we can help you navigate this emotional time. We take care of the details so that you can focus on the important things: life, family, and celebration."
  • The American World Adoption
  • 800-429-3369
  • "America World Adoption prided itself for offering one of the best international and domestic homes studies. It also provides post-placement analysis for all the expectant parents in the city."
  • Dillon International
  • 918-749-4600
  • "We are a licensed adoption resource agency that is qualified and dedicated to delivering complete international and domestic home studies."

Oklahoma City Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

Whether you want to place your child for adoption or you are considering adopting a child, Oklahoma City provides several adoption and foster resources. For Adoptive Parents or Birth Mothers / Birth Parents(s) seeking local Oklahoma City organizations, please check out:

Become a Foster Parent in Oklahoma City

If you want to adopt a child in Oklahoma, it's essential that you take a look at the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma City for all the information concerning foster care. Also, it's recommendable to visit some of these local foster and adoption agencies and resources for more details.

Hospitals in Oklahoma City

For Adoptive Parents and Birth Mothers, it's important to prepare a detailed hospital plan, with the help of your adoption agency or adoption professional. Below are local Oklahoma City hospitals:

  • Deaconess OKC
  • 5501 North Portland Avenue 73112, Oklahoma City
  • 405-604-6000

County Courts

An essential step in the Oklahoma City Adoption process is the finalization. It is officiated at a local court. For more information on the local judicial system, see these websites:

Local Attractions

Oklahoma City also has many great sites to visit. If you are in the area during your adoption journey, be sure to check some of the local Oklahoma City attractions like the Oklahoma City Zoo or maybe the Myriad Botanical Gardens.